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Herne Hill/Rosemead/DUCKS

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wahwah1270 Tue 01-Jan-13 00:40:49

Our 4 year old is reception at
Herne hill, overall we are happy. Our neighbours dd goes to ducks and is very happy. Don't be put off by the waiting list
At ducks - we were offered a wait listed place in April although decided tj stick yo
Hh. A

fourquartets Mon 31-Dec-12 13:23:59

Thank you all for useful input. We have been off round the country on the annual Christmas tour but now back in Herne Hill and determined to get visiting schools next week.

Legalalien I feared as much about ducks, but it does look lovely. I hadn't thought about moving nurseries before the start of school. Our daughter is happily ensconced with a childminder at the moment as (once again) I was slow off the mark with nurseries, but maybe I should think about that too.

Well, it all sounds as if Herne Hill and it's environs are full of good schools so fingers crossed. I like the sound of Rosemead and Rosendale just might squeeze us in too.

legalalien Sun 30-Dec-12 04:01:36

Oh - and I think ducks works on the basis of time of registration so you may be too late. Should be fine for the others at this point.

legalalien Sun 30-Dec-12 03:57:20

You could also consider putting your daughter into the nursery at dulwich prep - which is lovely - and then trying to get her into japs. I know several people who have done this. Alleyns is also an option.

MotherOfTheBritishEmpire Thu 27-Dec-12 20:57:22

I have friends who have been very happy with Rosemead - it seems a very caring nurturing school.

Depending on which bit of Herne Hill you are in, would Bessemer Grange in Southwark be a possibility? Good and improving, and popular locally. St Jude's does very well, but you need to be a churchgoer. If you are catholic look at Corpus Christi the other side of Brockell Park. (but then if you are catholic enough to get in, in the area, you will already know that grin. The Dulwich Hamlets and Dulwich Village schools are very over-subscribed, too.

I think Hitherfield and the new Dunraven Primary and the other popular Streatham Hill school, Streatham Wells will be too far away.

GateGipsy Thu 27-Dec-12 20:40:48

The Federation that runs Fenstanton now has vastly improved all the schools it has taken on. Starting with Kingswood which, trust me, was a school no-one wanted to go to when we moved to the area. Now it is outstanding and highly sought after. Crawford, a school in Kennington that it took on last year, was named in the last Ofsted reports as the most improved school in all of London. I know of at least one family that missed out on Rosendale and Elm Wood and chose Fenstanton for this reason plus they're building a whole, brand new school which should be finished for 2013 intake. The school had an uptake of all its reception places in 2012, so I think it will get more popular as time goes on. I'd go visit the school before putting in your application to see what you think. Might make a good all back choice.

fourquartets Thu 27-Dec-12 18:03:15

Thank you so much Lozario and GateGypsy - both really helpful and encouraging - and good luck Lozario, I can imagine it's so stressful. Fingers crossed!

It sounds as if I might be able to allow myself to hope about Rosendale and I am glad to hear you're optimistic about Fenstanton. I have to admit my worry was that we might be allocated Fenstanton and it doesn't sound great at the moment.

As for the private schools, I was just wondering if there were any commonly held views about them and whether they were very different in any ways. It sounds as if Oakfield gets mixed reviews. I don't really like the idea of a school where you'd change at 7, or one very focused on entrance exam preparation, but ducks and Herne hill do seem to be very popular and well thought of, whereas I haven't heard such good things of Oakfield or Rosendale. Hmmm!!

Lozario Wed 26-Dec-12 23:45:16

I am currently going through the hellish process of primary school application in the area! We are approx 580 metres from Rosendale - it's our closest school but I don't think we have a hope, sadly. It was wonderful when we looked around though but they did say they had told Lambeth they weren't going to do any more bulge years as the last (4 yrs ago) caused more problems than it solved, but maybe that's changed since. However, I'm sure at 450 metres you'd be ok - catchment areas can't shrink forever, surely?! (otherwise eventually there'd be 90 kids living in the playground!)

As far as other state schools go, the area is improving I think. Look at Hitherfield, towards Streatham; we were v impressed. Julian's have opened a new site in west Norwood that looks good (starting 2013) and Dunraven Secondary are opening a new primary school in 2013 that will be an "all through school" which would mean you don't go through all this angst again when LO is 10/11! (Dunraven is a very popular secondary)

In terms of private schools, I've only seen Oakfield and Rosemead (I have a DS and a DD and want them to go to the same school rather than single sex). Wasn't sure about Oakfield for one reason or another; liked Rosemead though, lovely feel to the place.

Good luck whatever you do! Wish us luck too!! wink

GateGipsy Wed 26-Dec-12 19:46:05

on the other side of it, Elm Wood (excellent school, 100% sats) has gone to a two class entry next year so that will also take pressure off Rosendale. The same Federation that took Kingswood and Elm Wood to outstanding and 100% sats has taken over Fenstanton in Tulse Hill, so expect that to be outstanding soon too. All this means Lambeth are increasing the numbers of really good primaries down this end of the borough so there's a good chance that it won't be as tough as you think.

Of friends who go to the schools you've mentioned, they all speak highly of DUCKS. I don't know anything about Rosemead. Have heard mixed repots of Oakfield - some love it, some aren't/weren't so pleased (one friend has moved her child).

fourquartets Mon 24-Dec-12 00:04:58

Yes I read Jessop's new ofsted report and it sounds really good and I'm sure will become much more popular. I think we're lucky to have so many good primaries nearby (Rosendale, Jessop, St Saviour's, St Jude's, Dulwich infants) but unfortunately I don't think we can be totally confident that we'd necessarily get into any of them from our current address. We're planning to try and do some visits of all the schools that we might get into and maybe then we'll feel less worried, but I just want to make sure that we've got all our options covered!

RillaBlythe Sun 23-Dec-12 19:38:36

I moved away pre primary applications so my info is a bit out of date, but I would guess outstanding at Jessops will make a difference as a I knew a fair few parents desperately trying to avoid it & ending up going private.

fourquartets Sun 23-Dec-12 18:37:37

Thank you knitcorner. Any information gratefully received! Do you know when Lambeth are talking about having the bulge class? A bulge class in 2015 would be great (although it would be a huge size then for a primary), but I guess a bulge class in 2013 would just mean way more siblings in 2015, which wouldn't be ideal from our perspective!

knitcorner Sat 22-Dec-12 23:45:11

Lambeth are still talking about the possibility of another bulge class at rosendale and Jessops just got an outstanding ofsted which might ease the pressure on rosendale so you might be lucky by 2015.

I'll pm more details (if I work out how!)

fourquartets Sat 22-Dec-12 23:03:20

And thanks Rilla - will see what the local board has to say as well.

fourquartets Sat 22-Dec-12 23:02:42

Thanks knitcorner. That's useful, if slightly depressing in confirming what I feared! We are currently about 450 metres from Rosendale so really hope that we might be in with a shot, but having heard so much about the baby boom going on round here, I am afraid that won't be near enough in 2015. We also like St Saviour's even though it's a bit further away, and are church goers, but again just don't know how pressured it's going to be by the time we're applying. Urgh, it's all so confusing and difficult. Before I started looking I was convinced that we would only be interested in state schools, but now just don't feel safe assuming we'll get a school we're happy with.

Are you able to say which schools you have looked at and what you thought of them? Thanks again.

knitcorner Sat 22-Dec-12 20:00:33

Hi, no personal experience (yet), but I would look seriously at the admissions criteria for the state schools you are interested in and see if you have any chance of getting in - this might force your arm with the private schools. (rosendale 'catchment' is 500m and shrinking).

Afaik, the privates take kids from 3 years old and once your in your in, so there's no gamble with admissions when Lambeth/southwark let you down. However, I found the uniform rules too strict for 3 year olds, and the outdoor facilities are not very good (I haven't viewed all the schools you mention, but some). We decided to keep our current nursery place, but that might change when the 2013 state admissions figures are released.

All of the privates have selection criteria at age 4.5, and I get the impression there will be a shortage of places in the coming years so they will pick and choose.

I think there will be just as much of a bun fight for private school places as there will for state. So is probably worth doing your research now. Let us know how you get on!

RillaBlythe Sat 22-Dec-12 19:49:27

Try the local board.

fourquartets Sat 22-Dec-12 19:43:01

Bumping hopefully, in case any knowledgeable Herne Hill folk are around today.

fourquartets Fri 21-Dec-12 21:39:26

We live in Herne Hill and are wondering about schools in the area for our daughter. She's only 18 months at the moment, but I am wondering if we ought to be putting her name down for local schools. We are hoping that she will be able to go to one of the nearby state schools, but don't want to be left without other options if that doesn't work out.

So, 1. Do we need to hurry to get her on waiting lists for local private schools and are we already behind on this? and 2. does anyone have personal experience or advice to offer about Herne Hill School, DUCKS, Rosemead or Oakfield? From their websites they all seem pretty similar so it would be great to hear if anyone has any experience of them or alternative suggestions.

Thank you very much!

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