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How can I help my poor ds in year 2?

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NickNacks Fri 21-Dec-12 14:48:56

Practical suggestions please!

He's doing ok for a summer baby but is def towards the bottom of the class. Stage 6 reading and 1a for writing and maths. He is making progress at his own pace though so not too worried.

However for the third term in three years his teacher has quit mid year. There is no replacement to speak of for January. DS is shy and unconfident and we've only just started going in to school with no tears and I fear this is going to be a huge setback both emotionally and academically especially with SATS approaching.

So since I can't really on school to give me child a decent well rounded education ATM, I'm looking for tips on what I can be doing? We do the usually read together, write stories, count money in shops etc but I think I need more.

And lastly, can I withdraw him from the SATS?

NickNacks Fri 21-Dec-12 14:50:02

Apologies for typos!

Bonsoir Fri 21-Dec-12 14:52:13

It sounds as if the school if having a lot of problems if three teachers in three years have quit mid year. How about changing schools?

NickNacks Fri 21-Dec-12 14:53:35

I know and that's something to think about but not possible at the moment. We've only found out this recent one today.

NickNacks Fri 21-Dec-12 20:17:12

Anyone with teaching experience of yr 2?

cumbrialass Fri 21-Dec-12 20:29:34

Apart from carrying on with the reading, talking, counting and other activities you have been doing, you could look at and ( ignore the SATS study guide label, it is simply a "what you need to know book!) which many children like to work through at their own pace, both books certainly give you an idea of the sorts of activities/questions you can look at-and they're cheap!

As to SATS, no, you can't opt out at all in KS1, as the levels are based on teacher assessments which the tests are simply a small part of.

janek Fri 21-Dec-12 20:30:00

I certainly wouldn't worry about the sats. Obviously your ds's education is important, but his sats are not.

Afaik ks1 sats are teacher-assessed rather than proper 'tests'. The children shouldn't really even know they're dong them.

Personally i think reading is the most important skill and the sooner you can do that the more set up you are. I've just downloaded a number bonds app for my dd on my ipad because i don't think her skills are good enough in that department and that's made a difference straight away.

NickNacks Fri 21-Dec-12 20:39:01

Thank you. I will take a look at getting him the books.

Do you have the name of the number bonds app please.? He liked playing on the iPad. smile

janek Fri 21-Dec-12 21:26:52

It's just called 'bonds'. It was 69p i think. She likes it cos she's not usually allowed on my ipad, and her sister DEFINITELY isn't!

janek Fri 21-Dec-12 21:28:50

Ah, no, sorry, 'number bonds pro (addition facts)' it's called.

snice Fri 21-Dec-12 22:37:45

there are lots of really good KS1 maths games on BBC schools and also on ICT games that you could play with your child
Also have a look at Oxford Owl website foe e-books to read together

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