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Those of you who have chosen private school for primary years and onwards...

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hogspudding Wed 12-Dec-12 12:17:02

particularly those who have perhaps made a lot of sacrifices to find the fees each term....

I'm really interested in your thoughts on how it is going for you? I know private vs. state has been discussed many a time on here, but i would appreciate some kind and honest information. Obviously it goes without saying that all schools and all children are different and my main concern is that we find the best school that suits DD for September next year.

Locally, there are 3 schools we really like. Two are lovely village state primaries and one is a small independent school which is also good. We liked all of them when looking round, though the specific facilities and ethos of the independent school fitted in very much with our own ideas and thoughts about education.

We only have one child and no more are planned. For us, although we could manage the fees (and extra expenses which I know creep up on you) for one child at the independent school, it would be by cutting back. i.e holidays would have to be scaled right down, we have a modest house and we probably wouldn't be able to move for the foreseeable future, less ability to save for the future. If we had more than one child it would not be possible, but that's not in the plan.

So I suppose i'm just interested in the experience of others- for those who found a particular independent school that they loved, and chose to send your child there with sacrifices, did it work out? Do you feel it has been worth it? Have there been any problems with your child maybe not being from a particularly wealthy family/social aspects? Do you see it as an investment for their future?

I do feel very, very lucky that whichever school we pick I shall be happy, just wondering and worrying about it all. Sorry for all the questions.

mam29 Fri 14-Dec-12 23:26:04


i recently moved my dd from largish faith state school near home to small village state school.

We were not the only 1s to leave 3left last term summer to nearest independant primary bargain at £1400 a term max class 16 no mixed year groups but the school has no green space and is basically in big house.

it does have entended hours before and after, quite a few clubs

The new school is fab looked at whole child not just academics, has extra currucular, almost independant ethos about it.

but another girl started similar time to mine she had left the independant primary as she and her parents were unhappy.
yet another mum had 1son there an rest at village school as it worked better for that child to be in indepndant so she worked on right school for right child-you dont know until you try.

The 2nd indepndant prep bearest us is £2600 a term.
outstanding ofted
good facilities/grouns
holiday/aftreschool club
baby unit and nursery attached so fab for working parents.

so as shocked when spoke to lady ho pulled both hers ouut and said nearest state primary to me one we dident consider as better than that independant she moved hers to large primary thorugh to secondry.

All I will say is found moving stressful.

so ork out finances

go see as many state and private schools s you can to make good decisions.

good luck.

Toughasoldboots Sat 15-Dec-12 11:28:17

I agree with building rises in, my three dcs have been in a mixture of private and state schools. Between them ( due to house moves) six in total. Without exception , we have had a yearly increase above inflation to the school fees.
If you are looking at a particular school , it's all freely available information.

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