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Lloyd Williamson School

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tom50 Tue 11-Dec-12 08:51:17

Does anyone know this school in Ladbroke Grove, or know anyone who goes there? I can't find a single review by a parent or comment on it anywhere. woudl really appreciate any thoughts anyone has on it.

(I'm not referring to the nursery - someone has reviewed that here).

Mandzi34 Tue 28-Apr-15 20:53:01

My son went to the Nursery at Nottinghill Gate 6 years ago. He enjoyed his time there but I found it to be quite average. They didn't send me his file once he left like they promised so I had no official record of his time there. His sister went to a state nursery and they were far more communicative and I received all of the work and her file once she moved to primary school.

naty2010 Tue 28-Apr-15 14:24:43

Hi Juliet,
Thank you very much for your reply. I went to visit the school in February with my daughter. The staffs were really lovely and my daughter loved it- especially the guinea pigs. we are now very much looking forward for her to start in September.

JulietKK Fri 09-Jan-15 14:54:50

Hi Hime, My daughter is at the school and absolutely flourishing. The teachers we've had the last three years are kind and intelligent, and academically she is far ahead of anything we expected. I work full time too and it is truly unique in terms of providing childcare– as an only child, my daughter loves going to the holiday club too (which is fantastically good value) as she gets to spend time with all her friends of all ages and some of the teachers. Her Dad plays football with other parents and teachers. It's a wonderful community. Please DM if you would like to speak to me personally, or contact Emma at the school office.

hime Wed 17-Dec-14 03:42:09

Hi there
I am also looking to place my daughter at Lloyds Williamson school in September, both my self and my husband work full time and thought this affordable private school is very close to where we live.
could anyone give some information about the school please .Would you recommend it?
I am so worried and running out of time! Most of the state school around my area look a little rusty and over crowded

Havana2013 Wed 26-Nov-14 17:51:03

Has anyone received bailiff letters after a couple of years and no disputed debt or outstanding fees? I have heard a few people have over the last few years.

Havana2013 Sun 02-Nov-14 11:10:06

I agree with newguest2020. No matter how good a school is, teacher who bully some of the kids will always bring it down, and in truth there is no excuse for it.
Perhaps it only happens to the outspoken kids and not so much to the quiet and meek ones.

Newguest2020 Sun 02-Nov-14 00:47:18

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Havana2013 Sat 01-Nov-14 20:32:38

Grovina, I would like to PM you
It is quite strange that there are so many positive recent posts. It's almost as though some parents are petrified the school will close.
There are, as I have said before, good and bad with all schools.
It is a good school for some and a bad school for others. There are a few good teachers, but the school only works for a certain type of person. It didn't work for me, and a few others I met along the way.
There was always a feeling of an imminent mutiny and there were elements of bullying that I know some others experienced too, and that was not just child to child....
I don't believe that Lloyd Williamson was a last resort for those who couldn't get into the local state schools. I honestly think that the idea behind the school is unique, and we all wanted to buy into the fantasy, however it is so poorly executed that the parents who want their kids to experience a more realistic school life are forced to move!

carylK Fri 03-Oct-14 12:00:46

You're totally entitled to your opinion. And genuinely apologize for offending you and expressing myself so clumsily. We've had very different experiences.

HPparent Fri 03-Oct-14 10:41:21

I reported your post because it was absolutely vile. You accused me of all sorts, including mental illness because I shared the negative experience I had at this school. Mainly my child's experience of very poor teaching and then pathetic attempts to cover it up. When my child attended their next school, the Head said my child reminded them of a child who had had no formal schooling at all because they were effectively illiterate and innumerate.

Then it is meant to be ok because I am clearly not the person your friend was thinking of, who presumably deserves this abuse?

Well at least you have put more people off the school than I ever could.

carylK Fri 03-Oct-14 10:01:00

There was definitely no vitriol! It was meant to be an attempt to move forward and attempt to channel positive energies. Apologies, if that was not the person who my friend was sure it was. It isn't cool to get facts wrong as we all know! It was meant to be lighthearted if anything. Again, that's the massive problem with these discussions. Every school will elicit different experiences. And no one school is consistently perfect. (Our other child's school was also great for us but I see there are negative threads there which seem strange?) The problem with words in these situations is you can't tell the tone. Many of us love the school... And speaking from 4 years experience, excellent teachers and headteachers. I'm sorry you were let down, but you will always find that: depends on the chemistry between children in one class, and with that teacher, and feelings are always amplified when people are paying for a school. We genuinely could not be more impressed. Clearly I'm not helping, so won't darken the door of this forum again. It feels such a negative place when there school is such a positive, considerate, happy place. Any potential parents are more than welcome to contact me.

Grovina Fri 03-Oct-14 06:56:53

Well said carylk. I am sure people will be flocking to the school now they see the vitriol with which former parents are treated. You have shown the school and it's "community" for exactly what it is. If anyone wants to know what really goes on there please PM me.

HPparent Thu 02-Oct-14 22:39:00

And if you can be bothered, you will see me defending HP against "privateandstate". I am not "LWSparent" either. Clearly you have mixed me up with other disgruntled parents - there are quite a few of us. I have not made any attempt to change my user name, make of that what you will. What are you going to do, come round my house with a baseball bat? Sorry your stalking does not intimidate me. I speak the truth whether you like it or not.

HPparent Thu 02-Oct-14 22:15:44

Oh by the way I am on the "privateandstate" Holland Park thread like you thought. At the time my username was Beingfluffy.

Silhouette2 Thu 02-Oct-14 21:42:21

Our harrowing experience at LWS is one we have struggled to put behind us for over a year. Our child was subject to a lot of bullying which affected her development significantly. They do have a few pleasant teacher. Unfortunately, i must say majority of the teachers should not be in charge of children. Most of the teachers were always too busy to discuss how our 3 year old day's was. Each time i was rudely told to make an appointment if i had questions. It was a far cry from the nuturing enviroment any parent would want for their child. I recall our DD saying to me "mum..i am really sad". Asked her what the matter was...she clearly stated "the children were laughing at me". Asked her why she didn't report to her teacher, she replied "she was there... she was also laughing". She suffered a major setback during her time at LWS and my DH and I still feel so guilty that we left her in such an unhealthy enviroment for so long hoping things would turn around. There were several unimaginable incidents during our time with the school which i am happy to elaborate on, but not on this forum. Based on personal experience, i would say CAVEAT EMPTOR!

HPparent Thu 02-Oct-14 21:13:10

Troll lol lol what a nasty sinister post.

Firstly every comment I have made about LWS is true. I have contacted people by PM with similar experiences and they have contacted me.

Yes my user name is HPparent because my child attends that school. Some aspects of the school I like and some I don't. I think it is the best secondary around here and have made my views plain that it is not perfect.

You most definitely do not know anyone I have worked with.

carylK Thu 02-Oct-14 20:29:40

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

RuthAngus Mon 22-Sep-14 22:47:23

A fellow parent of LWS mentioned to me about this thread so I was tempted to take a look. I have regularly sourced Mumsnet as a great way to gain and share information.
I personally think debate is a healthy thing. I'm sure most of us will look at reviews prior to purchasing holidays and products etc from the various reputable sites on the web. There will always be good and bad opinions for any given subject, the best establishments are not exempt from the odd bad review. Schools especially provoke this, as it is to do with our children. I always personally look for reviews from the most recent posts, in relation to nurseries or schools, I would look at existing parents experiences probably foremost as they are currently attending that school (children). Rather like if I were seeking a reference for a potential employee, I would prefer to speak to a current employer.
From my experience and I will be brief, my son has attended this school from Reception and is still currently at the school in Yr 7. I intend to keep him at this school for his entire schooling years. Academically he has thrived. My son had early learning difficulties, the school assessed this, communicated regularly with myself and proceeded by putting consistent measures in place to personalise his teaching to obtain the highest level of progress. I am extremely happy with his academic level. His teachers have been first class. I regularly communicate via email with them and for any parent reading this, you will know how important communication is especially with the teacher entrusted with your child's learning. I feel I am always kept up to date, and we work together to ensure progression.
On the subject of communication, I have always been able to get to speak to both Aaron & Lucy if I need to, who have always shown a keen interest in my son's wellbeing. This is invaluable, especially when I listen endlessly to friends of mine who's children attend other schools, and they have long waits to meet with the Head's, that's if they can get hold of them at all.
The school has an amazing family spirit to it. The children really matter and it shows and is evident to every parent I know there, and bear in mind I am not new to the school, my son has attended for seven years.
In conclusion, I think, as aforementioned, that it is healthy to voice your views. For anyone reading reviews on this school I suggest visit, as you would any school you intended to enrol in so that you can see for yourself.

HPparent Mon 22-Sep-14 17:27:57

I think what you and the other evangelizing parents have to realise is that there are good and bad points in every school. In my case the bad points outweighed the good in the end. If you blindly believe the school and it's management are perfect you are going to be sadly disillusioned by the end of your child's primary career.

Like you I desperately wanted the school to be a success. I thought my child could not cope elsewhere and was terrified the school would close due to dwindling numbers. The figure of 9 which the poster upthread describes as a class size would have been a big class. Whenever a parent at the school gate or at an outside activity spoke to me to share their concerns or said they were thinking about moving school, I would try and soothe their concerns and talk them out of it.

Sadly I became aware that the school had major failings and feel I was badly misled and strung along. You have to recognize that some of us have had very negative experiences with this school. I do recognize the incidents described above and they were well known among parents at the time. Then there were some absolutely bizarre things that happened to people, some of which I only heard about after we had left.

Most parents don't give a toss about tidiness or marketing but they do worry that their children are being taught properly. I also expect the people who teach my child to have basic human attributes of honesty and personal integrity which was sadly lacking among some of the staff we encountered.

Jeevesthebutler Mon 22-Sep-14 09:16:12

I have nothing but praise for Lloyd Williamson School, the co proprietors, the highly qualified teachers and staff and of course the pupils!

I have two children at the school who have both started from the nursery. They are both excelling in all aspects of their education. They are well ahead in learning for their ages, they are learning several different languages. They enjoy home cooked food on a daily basis. All the staff are great and easily approachable. The atmosphere at the school is very friendly.

I think the 'proof is in the pudding' when my oldest son during the summer holidays couldn't wait to get back to school and continue learning!

It's a great shame that someone has in my opinion left unjustified, blatantly inaccurate negative reviews trying to discredit the school and harm their great reputation.

This is a very well run school and that is reflected by the genuinely happy, polite and courteous pupils who have the upmost respect for their teachers and peers alike.

HPparent Sat 20-Sep-14 18:37:08

I am amazed at all the first time posters who are suddenly running a PR campaign for this school.

I also have personal experience of this school albeit a few years back and it is definitely NOT a school I would recommend. Like you I thought it was wonderful at first and tried to convert others to the cause, then gradually the realisation dawned that it was appallingly bad. The main reason was very very poor teaching.

Having subsequently experienced excellent teaching in the state sector at both primary and secondary from qualified, organised teachers there is no contest.

I am still in touch with several parents who were contemporary with me and they held similar views but for various reasons decided to keep quiet and put up with it.

I would like to think it has improved but I very much doubt it.

sallyheale Fri 19-Sep-14 22:34:26

My name is Sally Heale. I am not a mumsnet regular and though I think this site can be a great resource I am also starting to feel, like with social media in general, that this once wonderful forum is in danger of becoming an anti-social forum! That is to say, a site for people to hide behind odd “usernames” and make often unfair, unjust and down right mean (bullying?) comments.

As a K&C and Brent homeowner I have total sympathy with those venturing into and through the local primary school system. I would like to be in a situation where I could place my children in a free, government funded thriving primary school. However the offers that many of us living in these boroughs are given are for a large number of reasons not suitable. Therefore we turn to ‘private’….

It seems to me that Lloyd Williamson has taken a rather unfair bashing from a small number of mums, who perhaps at the rejection of the local government schools have turned their frustrations to this alternative – an affordable, small, wonderful, quirky, wise but fun school and vented their frustrations at the fact they will have to pay for education…

…. And you know what, I get this. You shouldn’t have to pay for education. My partner and I are hard working people; we come from working class families who have always added value. BUT the truth is, if you live in Central London, you might well have to put your hand in your pocket if you want the very best for your child. Sad but true.

The Lloyd Williamson is a nurturing, caring, intelligent choice for a child. My child Finn, attends this school and we have only wonderful things to report. He is in a class of 9 with 2 fabulous teachers. He knows all of his classmates, but what’s more is knows most of the school; from the older kids to the teachers and the 2 ever present Heads.

Finn’s freshly cooked meals and healthy snacks are eaten with gusto. He goes to the venture park everyday to play (better than most playgrounds in the borough i would argue). Finn does additional sport 3 times a week. He has free and structured before and afterschool clubs to attend should he wish (and most kids seem to want to stay in the after school clubs which I think says an awful lot!!)

There is a BIG problem with Lloyd Williamson however, you know what that is? It is simply a lack of resources placed on PR, Marketing and Branding. Why is that? Because they place importance elsewhere; in teaching and in nurturing the family environment. If this was in place I would argue that they could compete with ANY private school in the nearby boroughs and not just the affordable ones….

I would urge any potential parent to not simply make the mistake of conducting Internet research, but instead getting out there, come in and see the school, meet the happy kids and relieved parents!

It is true, I am on this site only to post my comment. If you want to meet me to discuss this i would love that, lets chat at the school gates, i will be waiting there at 3.30pm for my happy kid, chatting to the wonderfully educated teachers and other lovely parents!

Come and join us, it’s wonderful, I promise!

Over and out

squirrelnutkin1971 Thu 18-Sep-14 21:36:43

I was just being curious and looked up if anything had been written on mumsnet about the Lloyd Williamson School. I was really shocked to read certain comments being made and felt compelled (not something I usually do) to fight back!

Both my children attended the school from the nursery right through to Year 6. My experience was a wholly positive one and both my children absolutely thrived. Academically, they entered their secondary school of choice and were immediately placed in top sets for both Maths and English. Emotionally, they left LWS with a true sense of themselves - confident, polite, erudite and always talk about how much they now realise how lucky they were to be listened to and allowed to voice their opinions at the school. They felt they were always listened to!

They also often talk about how special it was that there were children at the school who had additional needs. I feel it was a real asset that there was a true mix of students. Children who excelled were pushed and often moved up a year or two for Maths and those that struggled weren't made to feel like a reject!

The staff at LWS were always available to talk to and Lucy and Aaron could always be accessed at short notice - there was a real sense of unity between all the staff.

I feel that LWS really should be more well known and I feel it gave my two the most fantastic foundation in education. They still have a voracious appetite for learning and I think that came from their experiences at LWS. Go and see it for yourself. It may not be as smart on the outside as other local, well-known independent schools but it has a massive heart on the inside!

kmh23 Thu 18-Sep-14 11:08:42

I was really surprised when an idle search lead me to this thread and it's derogatory comments.
I have a daughter at LWS and intend my son to join next year in reception.

I have nothing but positive things to say about the school. My daughter has flourished there. The teachers have been supportive, approachable and have listened to anything we may have raised as well as finding ways to help where needed.

I have found the headmistress easy to talk to and totally feel if there was a problem she would solve and deal with it accordingly. Fortunately there have been no problems I've had to raise which is testament to how well the school functions.

If you are thinking of sending your child to LWS and are put off by the negative comments please do get in touch with me via DM as I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Our family feel incredibly fortunate to be in a position to send our daughter to this lovely, community feel school and I would recommend it very highly to any parents looking into this option.

carylK Tue 15-Oct-13 22:53:18

I am very surprised by these kinds of comments about a school where lots of happy children flourish. The focus is on helping nurture interesting individuals, within small classes. We have only had a really positive experience at the school which has a warm atmosphere and as far as we have experienced, a very high quality of teachers.

There are so many variables when it comes to individual experiences, and when it comes to the most important criteria, this school has proven to be very special – in a good way. Sure it could be a bit tidier, and the admin system could be slicker, but when it comes to the warmth, positivity, academic achievements and kind support from all the staff, especially Emma Cole in the office, it has been heads and shoulders above any other school we've looked into or had first-hand experience of in London.

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