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SnowWhiteWinter Fri 07-Dec-12 21:57:45

Hi all. I have also posted this in primary education as not sure which one is best.

I'm hoping to read up about not only the difference between Montessori and Mainstream styles but more specifically the transition from Montessori nursery to a mainstream primary. Anyone know where I can find some credible advice or guidance on how to help make the transition easier for a 4 yr old. Hopefully someone can give me a nice link as I've been googling for ages and it's all rubbish! smile

Thank you, snow.

Inclusionist Sat 08-Dec-12 06:56:02

I am sending my DS to quite a purist Montessori pre-primary and am then going to send him to a fairly traditional prep in either Reception or Y1 (undecided yet as he is an August baby).

I am not envisaging any problems with the transition. In fact the opposite, I think the self control and social skills emphasised by Montessori will set him up very well for the prep school. That is why I am considering leaving him for the extra year. Good Montessori is very much about putting in the building blocks for future learning. I doubt there is much advice out there about 'easing the transition' as I doubt it's often a problem.

Which particular aspect worries you? Is it going from self chosen activities to teacher led? If so I wouldn't worry as Reception is mostly child initiated (in the state sector anyway) and your Montessori will teach them to work well in a group (as opposed to just expecting them to be able to do it). My DS has learned to sit and share circle time activities for 10-15mins at 2yo in Montessori toddler group!

londonkids Tue 18-Dec-12 21:17:32

My DS transferred from purist Montessori school to mainstream state very easily. Montessori school gave him self confidence and ability to cope with new and different environment, his reading and writing was completely up to standard, the computers, white boards and television were new but children often like that rather than find it hard to cope with. Did find it a bit more tiring at first but got used to it. Children seem more streetwise at state school and into labels and television programmes but the inner confidence and independence a proper Montessori school/ nursery will give your child will enable them to cope.

TreadOnTheCracks Tue 18-Dec-12 21:22:33

My two also seemedto transfer well from Montessori to main stream state.

Eldest did an extra term as a summer birthday, which I think did improve confidence, she had a term as one of the "eldest" one with extra responsibilities.

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