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Feedback on Powell Cordoroy in Dorking

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LauraDors Wed 05-Dec-12 21:54:59

I am in the midst of trying to select my 3 preferences for my daughter's primary school application for September 2013 admissions. We looked round Powell Cordoroy and got a really good feel for it and were planning to put it down as one of our choices. However, I have since heard rumblings that some of the parents are not very pleased with it and feel that the head is not up to the job. Does anybody have any experiences/more detailed feedback on Powell that they could share with me. Would be very grateful as I am so confused at the moment! Thank you!

IGJ Fri 07-Dec-12 09:57:09

Both our sons are at Powell. We have found it to be a great school with terrific support from the staff. There is also a great community amongst the parents and a really strong parent group which has raised considerable fund for the school.
We chose Powell as it only had one stream per year and felt smaller and more intimate for our eldest son who has Asperges Syndrome. The help and support he has received from the school has been fantastic.
Yes there have been murmurs about the head but in my opinion she is a really good egg, very committed to the school and she has always acted swiftly on any shortcoming we have brought to her attention.
Both our boys have done well academically at the school picking up excellent reading skills, maths and writing in a short space of time.
I would recommend Powell to anyone!

LauraDors Sat 08-Dec-12 18:01:09

Thank you IGJ - that is great to hear and most helpful.

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