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WorryIsMyName Wed 05-Dec-12 16:09:31

Hi all,

I seek to put my worrying mind at rest. DS currently attends a prep school (oh & i work) and gets picked up to go to school by childminder (just the school run) School is not an easy journey by public transport and I have to shoot off to work when he leaves for school. No school bus service - or any plans for one.
Sometimes I think I should just try and put him in the local state school (v good) however, he's doing very well at the prep, lots of strong friendships etc. Got 4 years left of this.

However feel at mercy of childminder - if there are car issues, holidays (not term time), days off etc. (there have been a few occurrences)

Anyone else have similar worries? Oh thinks i'm over thinking, i just want the best for my kid and can't stop worrying! Work totally inflexible with work hours, unfortunately stopping work not an option yet. Not really in a position to move house though I wish....

p.s. this is not a state v prep debate.

DonkeysInTheStableAtMidnight Wed 05-Dec-12 18:14:11

Honestly? if DS is happy and settled and doing well I would grit teeth and carry on. Yes it's tricky depending on CM and no other options but if it works with only occasional problems, weigh it all up and when you have time, try and figure out "what ifs" and how to work round them.

If there are increasing such problems and/or this starts to impact on the rest of the family, then you might need to rethink.

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