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Just confirming I am safe just putting down one school on admission form.

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Claifairy Tue 04-Dec-12 13:11:52

LO is recently adopted and therefore number one on our chosen schools admission guidelines. We live opposite the school so I can't see there being any problems but just thought I would ask the experts for confirmation that I am doing the right thing!

tiggytape Thu 06-Dec-12 13:23:21

mummytime - that is also often the case. In fact nobody really lives close enough to 6 schools to get a chance at a place at all of them. Lots of people in Surrey live on the borders with the London boroughs so some may be applying to Surrey schools plus Kingston or Sutton ones as well.

Some people in Surrey will be applying to the Sutton grammars (which have no catchment so they have equal chance of a place) or to faith schools outside the Surrey postcodes altogether. They use their 6 choices on schools they may qualify for by exam or by faith plus their local comps too.

Some people don't have faith or grammar schools on their list of possibles so those people tend to list the comps they love plus their local school (if that's not one they've already included) and then fill up the last choices with 'bad but not as bad as some' choices.
For example, you might list a school 3 miles away knowing it is a pig of a journey to get to because you'd prefer that one than being allocated a school in a London borough that needs 2 trains to get to.
So it is not just about listing the schools you like and can travel to easily, it is also about making sure you list viable options so that you avoid the situation of being allocated a school that you wouldn't want in a million years.

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