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Having some concerns over mathsfactor? anyone else?

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PolkadotCircus Mon 03-Dec-12 12:13:19

Times tables are on there.Y2 shape and time are pretty easy to pick up so I suspect they're concentrating on the mental stuff(harder and what a lot of kids struggle on).

mam29 Mon 03-Dec-12 12:05:23

DD did summer club at end of year 1 and loved it really gained her confidence I thourght it was recap of stuff done in year 1.

shes doing better in year 2 so signed her up for winter club deers year2.

This term shes done shapes, telling time and times tables yet I cant see this on the year 2programme?

Is this an oversight on their part?

should I have brought year 3?

dds not advanced maths shes average an has struggled

Anyone used maths factor a while and seen results?

half tempted to join ixl instead as breaks down every year group into every maths topoic they cover as used the free daily questions to reinforce some topics shes done in school.

Dd enjoys maths factor as likes the look of it easy to use, liked the games but has found knowing numbers too easy maybe calculations part be more challenging.

We have joined the matheletics through the school cheap at £6 but had no join on info yet as only signed form 2weeks ago.

I do like carols tutorials as they teach the child too.

im after something that revises what shes already done and maybe touched on some stuff school not covered yet.

ant her to be confident and enjoy maths.

Is maths whizz better?

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