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What's needed to move.from a 2a to 3c in writing?

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numbum Sat 24-Nov-12 14:47:59

Just curious really. I've scrambled my brain trying to work it out for myself using online grids.

Can any teachers (or anyone else in the know) simplify it for me?

numbum Wed 28-Nov-12 09:40:24

I'm guessing from your post that your DD and your friend's DD aren't at the same school? Are you sure she's telling the truth about her DD's levels? It's not unknown for some parents to blatently lie to make their child look better stretch the truth slightly

crazygracieuk Wed 28-Nov-12 14:35:10

Have you considered the possibility that your friend is lying or maybe the girl was writing 2c stuff but was missing one 1a target so is now 2b?

Some school are more generous with grades than others. I have 2 kids move school and both of them went down a sub level which is fine as I now know that sub levels are not an exact science and there is a lot of guessing that goes on.

Do you see an improvement in your daughter's writing? If so, relax.

mam29 Wed 28-Nov-12 14:38:14

I dont know numbum.
her dd attends my dds old school.

we moved.

shes a freind I met through school

end of year 1report came out she phoned me saying her dd got 1a writing, 2c reading ,2c maths and 1 a science.
she then got told at parents evening 1st week back this trem that her dd was on 2b for everything. Have no idea if she would lie.

Of course its seperate issue its not that im jealous im just baffled how so many sublevels in 1term as dd did that term in same class yet is judged end of october as 1b so no progress since year 1.

current teacher doubts this mark and thinks perhaps it as done in arush once we said we were leaving as looked like carbon copy year 1teacher did.

If freinds dd is where she says she is then i question the accuracy ad teaching of the old year 2teacher.

But doesnt help me or dd right now as have no idea where she is yet hoping parents meeting as missed both school parents evening will shed some light on it as new schools was last term when she was at old school and old schools was when they went back-dd had left.

dd new year 2teacher leaves next month and will have brand new teacher to school but as sats are all teacher assessment want to make sure after xmas we know where about shes is and what we need to do to improve.

mam29 Wed 28-Nov-12 14:48:01

I do think her writings improved yes shes getting quite good.

They had diffrent teachers in year 1 so maybe the 1teacher leveled up as all the youngets in year july were mostly on top tables in year 2 class.

Will not worry new school says no huge worries they impressed by her so far and think shes better at things than other school,.

Spoke to year 4mum monday and her dd had parents evening at old school and is a year behind in writing and reading.
So glad we moved.

I doubt in reality with change of teachers wont really know until easter how shes leveled as will take time for teacher 2 and teacher 3 to work out here she is.

Unsure when sats are hoping may as gives dd time.

She has no learning issues, no senco so think last year

the teaching was poor
or the support was bad as she got stuck
she found reception -year 1transition hard.
I dont want her continually being behind and playing catch up each year. Part of reason for move was I felt they had labelled her in the slow lane and were not going to challange her she would have been left to coat and achieve minimum needed.

On the plus side can hopefully see less of overcompetative mummy freind at old school moaning her dd amazing, gifted not stretched enough plus her dd was mean and competative to mine about being on higher reading levels.

simpson Wed 28-Nov-12 17:05:37

SATS are usually May but are done throughout the year too (teacher assessment) so if she goes in and fluffs it (not saying it will happen!!) she will still be recorded as the grade/level she has shown consistently in class iyswim.

Has your DD's new teacher not told you what levels she is at??? If not I would ask, she has probably been there long enough for her to have been assessed (without waiting for records from old school)...

mrz Wed 28-Nov-12 17:09:28

The tests at the end of Y2 are only used to confirm teacher assessment and aren't reported.

Electricblanket Thu 29-Nov-12 14:47:31

It's parenting error to be bothered what other children's levels are. It could be stretched, but does it matter?

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