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Year two - mid year school change - how best to handle it?

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becstargazeypie Fri 23-Nov-12 12:49:56

So finally DS has been offered a place at the school he's been on the waiting list for since Reception - for him to start next term. I think we want to take it. But what's the best way of handling it to minimise upset for DS?

He doesn't have deep established friendships at current school as his two best friends at current school both emigrated in the summer. But he is settled at his current school, and likes his teachers, is a school councillor etc. I think he will be upset about the idea of moving and will stress about it. What's the best way of making it easier for him? All ideas and experience VERY gratefully received...

Laura0806 Sat 15-Dec-12 14:47:55

I think thats right teacherwith2kids. I have said to my daughter that it feels sad leaving somewhere and its normal to feel nervous and she has asked me about times I felt the same. However, with her I also have to be ;over positive' and get everyone esle to as she is such an anxious child that she always sees the worst but I guess its different with each individual child and as a parent you have to guage what to emphasize! Let us know how you get on

KTK9 Sat 15-Dec-12 20:20:13


Just caught up with this thread and wondering how it was going?

We moved dd at the start of Yr2, last year and although it was hard making the decision, the actual moving was not so bad and dd settled fairly quickly. We made sure we had all her friends telephone numbers and also gave her one of our old mobiles with a Pay as you go Sim so she could phone them at any time and keep in touch. She didn't use it, but the fact she could, did help her have a little control over the situation.

Keep up the positive spin too, luckily the school did lots of things her old one didn't, which was easy, but there is always something you can find that is good. Be prepared for a few tears, dd a year on, still says she misses her old friends, but she sees them at Brownies etc., so I do make an effort to meet up during holidays.

Keep talking about how he feels, dd came up with all sorts of funny things about her new school compared to her old, at times it was hard for us to hear how much she missed the old, but we always listened and acknowledged her feelings, we also kept up with the how lucky she was to be going to this school and how well he has done to be there.

Laura0806 Tue 18-Dec-12 18:51:50

How did it go? my dd1 had a happy first half day today....hope it continues.......

Laura0806 Thu 20-Dec-12 09:36:01

so far still loving it! and saying she doesn't want to go back to her old school. Im sure there will be a wobble at some point bu the children are all being so kind and sweet to her shes very lucky x

mam29 Mon 24-Dec-12 15:57:43

Hi laura

so glad its gone well. They adapt so quickly.

I have no regrets about my october move.

dd loves new school done whole term now.
sadly new teacher in jan .

but so much more to do.

keep hearing vene more bad things about old school.

Im glad i was brave and made the move.
hubby keeps apologising for saying i was wrong.
even my mum can see difference.

We had good parents evening and offered additional help next year,

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