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North Islington/Haringey/Camden primary schools near to Whitehall Park

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ZucchiniPie Fri 23-Nov-12 12:17:14

We're doing DD's primary school application and would like her to go to either Ashmount or Coleridge. We would have been a shoe-in for Ashmount living just 100m from the current location but as it's moving at Xmas (and the new location is where they're measuring the distance criterion from) we're not sure we'll still be close enough (fingers crossed we'll be ok). Based on last year's admissions, we're outside the Coleridge catchment.

So I'm trying to work out which schools to put down for 3rd, 4th, etc.

Does anyone have any up to date info on other schools vaguely in our vicinity? We're in Whitehall Park, so without Ashmount or Coleridge, we're actually in a bit of a schools black hole, esp given we're not religious...

We're going to see Highgate Primary, which we might just squeeze into - so any views on that would be great. Brookfield is also reasonably close but I realise we've got zero chance of getting in (going to see it anyway).

I guess the other school we might get offered (partic as it's Islington, which is our borough) is Hargrave Park - I've heard reports that it isn't great, but not sure how current those are. Anyone know anything recent?

We've been to see Duncombe but probably wouldn't get offered a place and we weren't keen, tbh.


AuntAda Fri 23-Nov-12 12:25:38

I like Highgate Primary, it has a nice vibe. Mixed views on Hargrave, but I do know parents who seem happy with it.

St Joseph's is a lovely school that is just about fully subscribed at Reception level, but has places in most year groups thereafter as people move out of the area or whatever, so they do take non-Catholics as well. But you'd have to be okay with the Catholic aspect, obviously.

Bear in mind that the 'catchment' area figures relate to places offered on the offer day. The actual places offered by September will generally be quite a bit wider than that, as people don't take up places or get bumped up waiting lists for higher-ranked schools or whatever. You could try phoning admissions and asking for the distance of the last child who was offered a waiting list place before September - no idea if they'd give you that information, but no harm asking.

ZucchiniPie Fri 23-Nov-12 12:37:49

Yes, having been offered no nursery places this year at Ashmount or Coleridge and then eventually being offered places at both, I've realised that offer day itself isn't the be all and end all - it was quite a good trial run for primary admissions in terms of dealing with the angst! Good idea about calling admissions and seeing if they have that information though - I wonder whether they even collate it.

That's interesting about St Joseph's - I went to see their nursery and they gave me the impression you really did have to baptise your child and get a priest's reference, etc. to get in. DH really isn't keen on the religious aspect either, so even if they did take her, I'm not sure I could persuade him.

Good to hear nice things about Highgate Primary and interesting re Hargrave. I should probably book a visit.

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