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Prep school with maths support in North West?

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mathsconundrum Thu 22-Nov-12 21:30:17

DD is in yr 2 at a state school. She went for an assessment at a prep school today. They told us that her Maths was extremely poor and reading and writing were below par too. They suggested it would not be the best place for her.
DD is very shy but has a great vocabulary and reads well enough, phps 1 to yrs ahead of chronological age. Maths is an issue - her school have never highlighted it but I was aware that she's struggling and have asked school to assess.
I am absolutely floored by the refusal to accept dd. This morning I was pondering whether to accept a place at the school. Now I'm feeling that it's possible she might not get a place at any prep at all. Has anyone been in this situation, and does anyone know of prep schools in the north west that provide support particularly with numeracy catch up? Thanks for reading.

KTK9 Fri 23-Nov-12 23:02:09


DD is at a school in the Northwest, don't want to name on here, but will PM you. When she went for assessment at beginning of Year 2, we were told she was struggling a little, but it would be no problem to bring her up to speed.

Maths was also an area that was highlighted at her state school, well they told her she was 'rubbish' at maths and me that she just didn't get it.

We were offered a place and moved her immediately and during Yr2, one day dd came home and said that she was seeing Mrs D for 20 mins each day before lunch to go through some maths. I was surprised at this, as school hadn't told me they were doing anything 'special' but this went on for a couple of weeks as far as I could tell. When I queried it, school were very relaxed about it and just said they had been consolidating her early knowledge, which wasn't very secure (no because she had had a crap poor teacher.

DD is now in year 3 and this week got 47/50 in a timed maths test. She actually only got 1 wrong, but muddled two up by dropping down a line.

The school does provide extra support for children too, as two children from her class go into the Gifted and Talented room, so called, but is also the Extra Support room (not called)!.

We have been thrilled with the school.

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