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y5/6 teachers - what is your topic for next term?

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I have just started a job share in a large mixed-age y5/6 class. This term we had a great topic - Pakistan - which allowed for loads of learning about Islam, lots of geography, art, cultural awareness, etc.
Next term we will be doing Ancient Greece. sad I cannot think of a topic that would motivate me less. My jobshare has said that he would consider any other good topic if I could come up with an idea.
So what do you do???

I am beginning to see possibilities ... great website, mrz - I have just spent the last half hour reading through various ideas.

Now, in my jobshare, I do problem solving in maths (range in class 2A - 6B), grammar and spelling for literacy and PSCHE. Yes, everything that the class teacher doesn't like doing. I also do French and RE, but I love those!

Has anyone any ideas for problem solving and grammar and spelling games/activities linked to Greeks?

hardboiled Sun 25-Nov-12 16:22:53

Sorry probably not very helpful but change problem solving currency from pounds to drachmas, or set the scenarios of the problems in Ancient in how many spartans in the battle, etc? For grammar, link it to writing Greek myths. Speling link vocab to topic, adjectives describing/comparing the life of ancient greek rich child to that of a slave, vocab linked to architecture?

Yes ... Greek prefixes .... scenarios in Greece ... I have found some problems linked to Archemides ... my L6 mathematicians might even solve the Greek currency crisis!

Am slowly seeing possibilities.

mrz Sun 25-Nov-12 20:25:23

English words that have Greek roots
phob - fear
phot -light
metr - measure

Pythagoras the father of numbers?

Yes, we could be on to something!

hoodoo12345 Tue 27-Nov-12 11:39:41

My yr5 DS has done Tudors and Victorians so far.

Nice topics, Hoodoo, but they did Tudors in y4 and Victorians last year (mixed 5/6 class).

Euphemia Tue 27-Nov-12 21:53:07

Does your school do the VIB (Very Important Bear) topic?

No, what's that??

Euphemia Wed 28-Nov-12 20:13:22

It's a cross-curricular topic. My stage partner trialled it with P6 when I was an NQT (I wasn't allowed to, and had to stick with Mary Bastarding Tedious Queen of Bloomin' Scots).

Her pupils loved it and mine were envy at not being allowed to do it.

Description below:

Joyning the Learning: The Very Important Bear

The VIB has a Technologies focus and joins the learning from other curricular areas, in particular Literacy and English, Expressive Arts and Social Studies.

Personalisation and choice are important features of the topic with children taking responsibility for researching aspects of film and film-making. They plan and make their own movies – starring the VIB – and mount eye-catching wall displays. An Oscars ceremony of course results!

Participants will:

Become familiar with the rationale of the Joyning the Learning methodology
Make the connections to CfE
Gain confidence in the use of The VIB materials
Be inspired!

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