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spellings and apples and pears

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darwin Thu 22-Nov-12 14:44:42

Hi my year 4 daughter is on an IEP for literacy , I was thinking about starting the apples and pears with her and just wondered if anyone could tell me the pros and cons about it ? thanks

IndigoBelle Thu 22-Nov-12 16:25:24

No cons really. It's the best spelling program. Absolutely designed to be done by parents at home.

Works best if you do it every day.

derekthehamster Thu 22-Nov-12 16:27:38

We're doing it with my yr5 son. Fab Fab Fab. Really easy. We somethimes only do half a level at a time, as his concentration isn't that great.

redskyatnight Thu 22-Nov-12 16:53:42

I agree that it's a great programme, very easy to use and although not fun fun, it reasonably engaging for the child.

But the cons have to be that with a poor speller/writer (which is kind of why you're using it) it is pretty time consuming. DS has so much homework during the week, that during term time we're reduced to using it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only - and ideally I think you need to use it more than that.

darwin Thu 22-Nov-12 17:17:50

thanks for your replies I think we will give it a go.

wheresthebeach Thu 22-Nov-12 18:20:45

We started last year - doing 3/4 sessions a week. Either DD has magically started to understand spelling or Apples and Pears works!

Tiggles Thu 22-Nov-12 21:37:28

I am doing this with DS1 (10) making a difference already. Can't fault it.

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