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Maths is boring - yr1

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3bunnies Wed 21-Nov-12 07:47:21

Dd2 is complaining that maths is boring. She says they keep doing 1x tables and she is bored of it. She sat at home last night and decided to write out the 2, 10 and 11 times tables so she could put a poster up in the classroom so children could learn more interesting maths. Her teacher has said that she is v good at maths, and dd says she is on the top table - don't know if that is right, and although ahead of dd1 at that stage I don't think she is a maths genius. She has worked out the two times table and knows most of them out of sequence. I don't know whether to go and talk to the teacher, or do some maths at home with her. I tend not to do extra stuff at home cos I'm lazy as I see that as time for more fun crafts, activities etc. Plus of course reading and any homework set by school. I did extra maths with dd1; but she was slipping behind, so a bit different.

learnandsay Wed 21-Nov-12 10:05:31

If my little girl was complaining that her maths was boring (and she already knew more than she was doing at school) I'd be doing exercises and games with her and sending them in to school in her book bag. I'd also be sending in the web addresses of her favourite maths games websites. You can be as lazy as you like if you find good maths sites on the Internet. grin

Butterfly1975 Wed 21-Nov-12 11:40:24

Both my kids detest maths and say they find it boring. I would agree there are some good sites e.g mathletics which can make maths a tad more exciting that may be worth a try for your dd. Unlike your dd, my ds does have huge difficulty with maths and gets games from the school to play at home but things like snakes and ladders, ludo and lots of the Orchard toys like pop to the shops are good for practicing counting and money etc.

3bunnies Wed 21-Nov-12 12:12:42

We do play games at home, dd keeps making up new ones, and wants to do times tables on the way to school etc. She doesn't mind the tedium of rote learning, though we do have bus stop game etc. It seems to just be the level of maths in school that she objects to. She does play some computer games, she likes mad pigs or something on dh's phone, and a times tables app on my phone, but am worried if she gets too far on she will be even more bored in school.

Elibean Wed 21-Nov-12 12:17:12

I have a Y1 dd. The teacher simply differentiates for maths - so kids are working to their level.

Though a homework sheet got muddled the other day, and poor teacher had to deal with outraged parents worrying as to why their child couldn't do the sums wink

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