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calling those who understand school budgets....

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lingle Tue 20-Nov-12 14:31:40

I'm being paid by my local primary and see I'm paid from its "enabling account".

anyone know what one of those might be?

HedgeHogGroup Tue 20-Nov-12 17:31:05

Never heard of it (Primary Headteacher). It sounds like it could be linked to Pupil Premium for extra support for those entitled to PP???

auntpetunia Tue 20-Nov-12 19:57:50

what are you being employed as? i would assume in our school that you were being paid as HedgehogGroup says in relation to pupil premium. Are you working one to one with a specific child or with a group of children .

lingle Tue 20-Nov-12 20:12:36

I am a music consultant. I run a very inclusive orchestra (no requirement to have paid lessons) and do one-to-one work with children who are mainly from families considered "vulnerable".

Does that suggest the pupil premium? If so, that is very helpful as it gives me a good idea of what the school values about what I do. It also gives me a sense of where my duties should lie. Being paid out of pupil premium doesn't mean excluding rich/privileged children - but I guess it does remind me that I can't let the more demanding parents dictate the agenda.

BetsyBoop Tue 20-Nov-12 20:24:24

My school's enabling fund was set up to "enhance the extra-curricular opportunities offered to all pupils by supplementing those provided through local education authority funding." (I think it is a charitable fund & is funded partly by the PTA and partly from other donations). Running an orchestra would be exactly the sort of thing it would be intended for.

I'm pretty sure our pupil premium funding doesn't go in there - that goes into the main school account and is used to fund curriculum-based intervention activities and our "learning mentor" for children on FSM.

If you want to be sure I would ask the school the objectives of their fund.

neilsonholidaysad Tue 20-Nov-12 20:26:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

auntpetunia Tue 20-Nov-12 21:40:14

From what you say I would imagine the fact that you work with families considered vulnerable would mean that some of the money is pupil premium if not all,some will be from the main budget. Schools often have a funding line called something like enrichment (well the ones I have worked in have) and your work could very well be made up of pupil premium and the enrichment/enabling account. If you are bothered i would ask, but I think it shows that they think highly of the work you do and see your work as enabling less able/well off children to acheive.

Can I ask how you found out where you are paid from, surely the information isn't on your pay slip?

LatteLady Tue 20-Nov-12 21:52:36

One of the things that we have to do now is to show how and where pupil premium is spent... this may be an audit trail that your school are using to show this.

lingle Wed 21-Nov-12 19:51:56

auntpetunia - it's on the cheque that they gave me...... thanks for your nice words.

I'm an external services provider - I'm given information about children on a "need to know basis" (actually our school are a bit rubbish about policies but as I'm an ex-lawyer I kind of wrote a policy about me for them in my business plan grin. )

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