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Am I doing enough? starting to feel like im not:(

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mam29 Sun 18-Nov-12 15:44:13

Some of you may know that recently moved dd year 2 to different primary as she was struggling with reading and numeracy in last school and spoke to head /teacher few occasions and offered no extra help.

She started year 2bottom table ad being given easier homework.

Shes been in new school 2weeks so no idea how they think shes doing as old school still not transfered records or gievn us old books back.

She got 1b end year 1 report.

Over summer someone on here reccomended carold vordmans maths factor it was reduced so thourght worth a try.

She was in hedgehogs which was revewi of year 1 she enjoyed it quite repetative but boosted her confidence as wanted her to start her 2confident and this last us until end of september.

She then went back got given weekly numercacy homework which we had few tears and tantrums about I raised my concern with teacher that homeworks not helping and she needs more help in school.

Once again dd said ta would help not teacher and there was 2bottom tables so ta sat on other table and that she hated maths she was no good at it.

Its early days with new school just want her to settle in and be happy which she has done. teacher said shes slightly behind with reading but said nothing about maths so far thet done telling the time and measuring so topic per week.

last term 1 of year 2 she did shapes, odd even numbers addition and subtraction.

Old school she relied on number square to do any workings out.
New school she says shes in one group and top group do times tables she knows 2s and 5s.

Her new year teacher is leaving after xmas so thourght might book end of term appointment just to discuss

if they agree with old schools levelling
Where they think she is and if not what we need to do to get her there.

We just signed form for matheltics through school bargain 6quid but thats not started yet.

Looked at maths factor again think may purchase winter club and times tables as she liked that site and something to do over xmas hols.

Reason im stressing is wanted to know example of level 2/level 3maths at keystage 1 so googled.

found some past papers think 2003 had level 2 and level 3

I looked at level 3 and thourht this looks bit hard not sure dd will get this,

so clicked on level 2 and sat down and showed dd.

some of it was simple.

adding up coins-to work out monetry value.

reading bargraph.

some simple adition/subtraction.

dd says whats multiplication.
was lots of guessing.,

basically could oly really do 2questions.

should i be worried at this stage in year 2.

I havent even explained what sats are with dd just said its maths games online.

Shes going through lots of assessment

as old year 2teacher assessed her year 1 levels.
new teachers accessing old year 2 teacher
then new teacher starting jan which guess will assess levels again..
then end year assesment/sats.

Im unsure as its assessment not test like year 6 when they will do it.

some posts seem to say we do feb march others say april/may.The latter be pereferable to dd gove her chance to catch up on weakpoints worried we nearly out of time dont want to be top of class just 2b/2a be nice. Im unsure in my own mind that shes progressed at all and maybe will be on course for 1 or 2c.

Is it too late? can she catch up.
dont want to be pushy mum but feel bad i should have been much more vocal year 1 and moved her sooner.

apologies njow if sound neurotic and pushy.
I feel much more confident with new school and have faith in them her readings making fab progress just think she possibly needs a maths boost.

during sats what tooks can they use? number lines? blocks or is it suppost to be mental arithmateic at this point?

I used to do sums in colums carry over 1 and do adding that way is that not done anymore? too old fashioned?

New school has highher level ta specialising in maths and uses numicon.

Happypiglet Sun 18-Nov-12 18:42:56

Ok. I am NOT a teacher or an expert. But I think you need to calm down a bit in the nicest possible way.
My understanding of NC levels is that a 1b at the end of year 1 is at National Expectation so she is not too far behind.
Looking at a Maths sat paper now is a little early. There are nearly four half terms before she will be expected to work at that level assuming the school even use the papers. Year 2 results can be purely teacher assessment although some schools use the past papers as a 'check'.
Maths is very curriculum based what I mean is some of the areas she may not have even been exposed to yet (eg bar graphs and multiplication etc). So asking her to do questions on those now is not really possible or reasonable.
Your DD is not probably even aware of being assessed. Both my DSs did SATS papers in year 2 and didn't really know even then that they were begin assessed and the teacher assessment is completely opaque to them IYSWIM.
My understanding (although I may be wrong) is that number lines and hundred squares are available for a level 2 SATS paper.
I think your idea of meeting with your DDs current teacher before she leaves is a good idea- I'm surprised there isn't a parent evening before then anyway TBH. Until you meet her and find out her views of where your DD sits and what her next steps are it's hard for you to know what to help with.
Do the new school do a curriculum booklet or update for parents each term? Mine does and it helps with knowing what to reinforce. Could you ask for that-maybe you have missed it starting there late?
I guess just using maths at home generally; weighing for cooking, telling the time, perhaps practicing number bonds and simple tables, doing mental calculations as they arise (eg you had five sweets you have eaten two how many are left) plus getting her really secure with place value can all help.
Not sure I have helped at all. And BTW columnar addition is NOT used anymore at this level. Number line work to start with then chunking and other strategies. But at this stage in year 2 I would think number line would be the main way plus some use of number bonds or say adding on 10 and taking one away to add on 9 etc.
My school produces a Numeracy Strategy for parents that outlines all the 'new methods'. I was very anti it to start with but actually now I have seen three DC learn this way I can honestly say they are better at mental maths than I ever was.

mam29 Sun 18-Nov-12 19:15:07

Thanks happy piglet I know im being a stresscase.

Just having just moved schools missed autum parents evening we just in the dark a bit as both schools are very different.
I got lot of info from head on how new school does things so im not overly worried at their end just wondering how we can best support her at home plus she will have 3teachers in year 2 and its teacher assessment not a test.

Freinds schild year 2well performing infants and they openly started sats coaching and telling kids about it!

Im glad we moved its much less pressured and competative.
Dd seems to be enjouying it so far . As long as she can use number line she be fine just thourght if she asking what multiply means and couldent use a number line then thats bit worrying.

I know theres still time.

will keep doing informal stuff at home she loves baking and they did measuring last week.

Said if she can master time santa get her a watch.

will do maths winter school as she loved the summer one and practice times tables.

I will keep away from sats papers was just curipus what level 2meant.

I know 1b not end of world new school said its their year 1target old school said was below.

I just knew 2b target so wondered how shes progressing in year 2 so far as heard very little from old teacher and too early to tell with new one.

simpson Sun 18-Nov-12 19:17:23

It is perfectly possible to get the 2b having ended on a 1b in year 1....

I really would not stress about it too much tbh...also the yr2 SATS are done on teacher assessment of the year so it does not rely on one test iyswim.

DS did his SATS last year and the school did not tell parents when they were doing them (although was in May iirc) to stop parents stressing....

One thing I would recommend for mental maths is shut the box game, you can buy it on amazon.

simpson Sun 18-Nov-12 19:19:41

As piglet said for a level 2 paper they can take in a number line and one hundred square in but not for the level 3....

simpson Sun 18-Nov-12 19:21:49

Sorry for multiple posts blush

My DC school target for yr 1 is a 1b in everything except reading which is a 1a and this only changed last year (so when DS was in yr1 it was a 1b)...

healstorturepeople Sun 18-Nov-12 19:24:09

Don't forget she won't be doing those Y2 papers until about May. She won't know the answer to many of the questions yet as she won't have been taught it. Plenty of time till the summer term. Do meet with her teacher to ease your mind but please don't stress.
I would focus on the reading for a bit so your DD doesn't get put off the maths and then swap to Maths again. Don't do tons and tons of extra work. She'll only get stressed and tired.

Happypiglet Sun 18-Nov-12 19:55:49

Also IIRC mine did not 'do' multiplication (except for basic times tables) until Yr3 (when they learn arrays and the grid method). Other than that it is knowing that 3x2 is three lots of two which can be explained with grapes etc!! Ie that multiplication is basically adding the same number multiple times (ie 2+2+2). So infact she can use a number line for multiplication jumping the number multiple times. Does that help?
Also my DC have not progressed any sub levels since end of year assessments either.

mam29 Sun 18-Nov-12 20:56:33

Thanks guys very reaassuring.

I guess issues were I think in my opinion old school were rubbish and she partly behind because of them.

Shes having 3seperate teachers during year 2 1 in old school 2 in new one.Would like to think they all match up intrigued to see how new school find her old school levels as they work so diffrently yet they both state primaries, england..

I missed the new school parents evening end of last term
Missed the old school as was start of this term.

The few conversations I had with old year 2teacher slightly heated she took everything personal when really the problem was year 1.

I guess be nice to say actually right now we think shes for example now a 1a as would know shes heading in right direction as did extra in hols and shes been back in school 10weeks year 2.

I made it clear to head at new school what issues are.
The new teacher have had breif chat about reading.
old teacher doubted dd comprehension so held her low level new teacher says she can decode and comprehend its fluency so told us to read more books more variety which luckily new school offeres several reading schemes and online bug club so far impressed.

They have no homework policy so no numercacy.
I havent mentioned numercay as think its bit early.
Im hoping school transfer records this week and get some feedback before xmas and new teacher leaves.

I hate to cause so mucb upheaval in year 2 as important year but dds happier which is main thing and working on boosting her confidence and self esteem.

we going to have big push on reading next few weeks and do winter club in hols. I have no worries with scince as shes being taught in smaller groups and repeating one topic.

simpson Sun 18-Nov-12 22:52:02

I would definately speak to the teacher at the new school as you have not had a parents eve...

You will then have a better idea of where she is and be able to get ideas to help her at home ( not that you don't already have any iyswim).

DS is in yr3 and his levels have not changed yet (although KS2 progress is slower) but I would not necessarily expect my child to have made NC progress yet iyswim...

Both my DC did the library reading challenge and they loved it!!

You can always check out the Oxford owl website and I use the reading chest for DD (reception)...

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