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I need opinions and need to make sure I'm not missing something before I book another appointment with teacher re: ds1's level/ability etc

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SilveryMoon Sun 18-Nov-12 15:26:42

Right. Will try to include all information without rambling too much (don't want to drip feed either)
Ds1 is an august born child so is one of the youngest in his class.
When he started nursery, he struggled a bit because they made the pupils sit at the table straight away to trace over their names with a pencil and ds1 was very against this!
I think he enjoyed nursery but it was difficult to get him there.
Anyway, massive improvement last year in reception, he went happily enough and seemed to do quite well. We struggled with homework, they were sending a sheet, sometimes 2 sheets home a night of writing practice, letter formation. I did not push him too hard as I felt that after a long day, homework shouldn't be a battle and I didn't want homework to start off on a negative foot at the age of 4 (in hindsight, I may have been wrong, but I don't think so)
We attended various parents evening throughout his reception year and he seemed to be making steady progress. There were things that he was better at than others, but nothing overly concerning apart from the homework.
I told the teacher the struggle we were having and she seemed to be quite understanding of this. The TA gave ds1 a 'special' pencil to take home, and boom, he was more than happy to do homework and has completed 100% since then.
His final reprt from reception stated that he was hitting average for everything. All subjects (Literacy, numeracy, KUOW, creative etc) all had B/C marks for effort and were all graded at 6/7 points for ability. At the bottom of the page, it stated that the average for that year was 6/7.
Brilliant, very happy parents.
Last week, we attended his first parents evening for year 1 where we were told in no uncertain terms that ds1 is below average in everything and is about a year behind where he should be now!
Right. Ok. So I told the teacher I am more than happy to support him at home with his learning and I will work with her to enable ds1 to catch up.
She said his reading is poor and that's what we'll start with first. I actually thought he was doing well, but hey.
So she didn't give me any clues as to what to do at home other than read daily with him which I have been doing since he was 2 weeks old, and I'm kind of thinking that if he is a year behind, me continuing with something I've been doing for 5 years isn't enough???????
So, we started playing some rhyming word games, sounding out and repeating whole word games, he played on websites that help to build cvc words etc and we have continued with his reading.
I asked the teacher to send (at her convenience) information on the exact strategy that would be put into place to help ds1 catch up and she wrote back saying she would send home some flash cards and as he grew confident with them, would add more. That was it.
She sent home 4 cards that said 'we' 'me' 'be' and 'she'. Great. 4 words he knows. I write in every day to tell her we looked at the cards and he knew them. That we also played matching games with my flashcards etc etc.

Re his reading, I know they have tyo push phonics, and I know that ds1 gets lost in phonics and is better at whole language reading, so we have started doing both at home, where i model reading without sounding out and he copies, sentance by sentance. We then pull out some colourful flash cards to see if he's memorising the book or knows the words.
Some he struggles with, some are fine.
It's almost like he thinks he has to use phonics even if he knows the word. he'll sound out words like 'can' 'cat' 'tub' in a book but will just know them on a flash card confused

So, what I want to know is how does a pupil that was marked as average last year, suddenly fall a whole year behind? Has he been incorrectly assessed at some point? Or am I missing something?

Thanks for reading. That was long wasn't it? Would be grateful for any thoughts.

Lougle Sun 18-Nov-12 18:20:23

I think the issue I have is that the EYFS profile score for Personal Social and Emotional Development gave an 8/9 for DD2.

The report stated that she was confident, able to negotiate, forms good relationships with children and adults alike, etc.

This year, she is really struggling. She says:

Her classroom is different - everything looks wrong and it's all in the wrong place.

She doesn't like the new writing, she wants to do her normal writing.

Children follow her around the playground and all she wants to do is drink.

Music is noisy and hurts her ears.

Her teacher says she lacks confidence.

How can that be the same child?

mrz Sun 18-Nov-12 18:27:57

The profile is a snapshot of a child at the end of reception who presumably has spent a year in the setting with familiar staff and feels happy and safe, suddenly she's in a very different environment with unfamiliar people.
It's why scores should be viewed with a health warning.

Lougle Sun 18-Nov-12 18:43:16

That's a good point.

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