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'He's dipped a bit' says the teacher. Four sublevels??

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SuffolkPunch Fri 16-Nov-12 22:35:45

My DS is in year 3, and not enjoying it particularly - he is young in the year and would rather be playing football. At Parents Eve this week, his teacher told me that his writing had just been assessed at 4 sublevels below his year 2 SATs results. Now I know levels are not the be all and end all, but what does this suggest to you? I was pretty taken aback, but she kind of dropped it on me at the end of our 5 min chat, so had no chance to discuss it. Apparently his reading and maths are 'pretty much' where he was at the end of year 2, so it is just writing which has gone back so much.

My other DS had the same teacher a couple of years ago, and although they didn't do (give) levels then, I don't recall being made aware that his levels had dropped back so far on moving from Infants to Juniors.

Should I worry, or see how it pans out given it is a new school and all? Or should I be jumping up and down and asking what the hell is going wrong? WWYD?

Rudolphstolemycarrots Sun 18-Nov-12 12:51:34

My DS had very poor fine motor skills as a toddler and during infants. Cutting things up, drawing and writing were difficult. He also had no interest in doing these things!

I never pushed him to use his fine motor skills if he didn't want to but I always made sure we read together. Him reading to me and me reading to him.

Eventually over time his mental knowledge and ability did spill out on to paper. He still doesn't produce masses but he does about enough to get by. What he does produce is excellent though due to the extensive reading we have done at home.

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