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How much homework does your DC get? (Foundation 2/ reception)

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dimplebum Thu 15-Nov-12 20:54:52

DS (4) seems to get such a lot of homework.

Tonight he was sent home with

1piece of verbal homework (talk about times of the day and seasons)
1 piece of 'written' homework (cut and stick activity linked to seasons)
4 handwriting sheets ( letter formation of a, d, w and z)
16 high frequency words to learn e.g. Mum, the, some, was
Letter cards to recap with some new ones added e.g. sh and qu
And 2 pink books to read

To be back on Monday?

Is this the norm?

dimplebum Thu 15-Nov-12 21:24:17


Donki Thu 15-Nov-12 21:27:44

There is quite a lot of evidence that homework at Primary level apart from reading with your child (both reading and to them and listening to them read) has little or no effect.

I hate primary homework. Even in year 5 DS comes home tired and needs a rest. Not more work. We do however do lots of reading - and enjoy it!

DorsetKnob Thu 15-Nov-12 21:28:10

DS in reception, gets a book which gets changed 3 times a week if he has read it and he also has to do once a week (or when we remember) a book review, basically draws a picture and fill in the star rating, we add the title and the comment.

HalfSpamHalfBrisket Thu 15-Nov-12 21:28:53

Sounds horrendous. I ask our parents to read with their children 2+ times a week for five minutes, and to flick through their 'sound books' at the same time. That's it. No more.
IMO, the children need time to be at home relaxing, playing and enjoying being 4.

BornToFolk Thu 15-Nov-12 21:32:27

Blimey, that is a lot! DS is in Reception and I just have to listen to him read his book every night (it gets changed when he's got three comments in the diary, whether from me or the TA). It can be a struggle getting him to do that sometimes when he's tired after school, how on earth do you get your DS to do all that?!

ThisIsMummyPig Thu 15-Nov-12 21:33:14

We get Biff Chip et al twice a week (If I sign the book to say that we have read the old one). We are still doing books with no words in!

That's it, although I think we are expected to get them to write their name on drawings and things like that.

I know for a fact I did no homework at all at junior school until the very last year. Then I had one lot, once.

I seem to have learnt to read and write and add up.

simpson Thu 15-Nov-12 21:52:14

DD gets quite a lot. 2 reading books a week (jolly phonics ones) numeracy task (last week 5 addition sums and 5 subtraction sums)

Sentences to write with tricky words in.

Spellings have just started this week. But she is getting extension work.

DS now in yr3 got nothing until feb when he started getting reading books and word boxes to practice blending...

SizzleSazz Thu 15-Nov-12 21:55:01

We get a reading book per day (if read, if not then no problem, just not changed) and then practising writing one letter (about 3 days of the week)

This seems fine to me. Yours seems excessive.

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