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Belleville Primary School, Battersea, London

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dinosaurinmybelly Wed 14-Nov-12 23:05:48

Hello - I've read through some of the previous threads on this school, but just wanted to ask how parents who have recently joined the school are finding the increased intake and the two-site situation. I visited the school for the Open Day and liked the facilities and the range of after-school activities offered, but I am concerned about the size of the school. I stuck around for pick-up one afternoon and it looked really chaotic in the playground. I know it very much depends on the child, but I worry my DD would get "lost" in a school like that.
Honeywell on the other hand seemed very nurturing with a quite relaxed vibe. In short, the 2 schools were different, and I do want a bit more structure than Honeywell seemed to offer, but as I said, not sure about the size of Belleville.
I know this isn't a bad problem to have, deciding between these 2 schools - but if anyone could explain how the Meteor Road site situation is working out for them, I'd appreciate.

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