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Lewisham Primary School Appeals - Warning!

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kazra1 Wed 14-Nov-12 13:18:49

If you have had a primary school appeal with Lewisham in 2012 I strongly suggest that you contact them to confirm that they have not broken the data protection act by sending a copy of your letter to another parent.

Please be prepared for them to initially deny this; please ask them to re-check to be 100%, this was done to us but finally they accepted a breach.

This is a very serious situation as most appeals will contain very sensitive information about you and your child and this in itself may be grounds for a new appeal.

Due to the legal nature of this and the apparent ongoing investigation I am unable to disclose details of those I know have been affected but if I can help with anything else please send me a PM. The best email address to use it

kazra1 Mon 19-Nov-12 23:28:59

Thanks to all those that have sent a PM, I am quite shocked at the extent of this problem but understand why things should not be made public. Best of Luck.

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