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Does anybody have children in the Hillingdon/Uxbridge Areas.

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Rose1Thornton Tue 13-Nov-12 15:53:24

My family and I have just moved to the Uxbridge/Hillingdon area and I am looking for nursery/primary schools for my son. He's 2 now and so shall start nursery next September. There are two schools that I have in mind and I would love to know if anyone has a child at either school and what they think and I would also like some other school suggestions.

The first school is Hayes Park School. The Ofsted report was wonderful and it recieved an overall mark of Outstanding. The Headteacher was great and the amount of after school activites and the general options all the children had, really impressed me. I would appreciate the view of someone who's been to the school before.

The second school was Hillingdon Primary. The Ofsted report was good, and when I went there it seemed like a very good school, with able teachers who knew exactly what to do to help thier students and the facilities were great. Again I would like the view of someone who's been to the school before.

As I really can't decide between the two. And any other school suggestions would be helpful.

simpson Tue 13-Nov-12 16:49:02

I have friends who have their DC at hillingdon primary and are very happy with it...

No experience of either school myself (my kids are at a different school in the borough).

foxy123 Wed 14-Nov-12 10:53:54

from my experience the schools in the area do not have an intake until the year they are due to start school (so when they are 3 turning 4) this was the case for Hermitage, St.Mary's and I believe Whitehall, but you'd have to ask in relation to your particular schools.

It was only the private day care nurseries around Uxbridge (who had places) that were willing to take on my DD from the age of 3

Hope this is of some help!

foxy123 Wed 14-Nov-12 10:55:12

sorry I did not read your post fully it seems you have already visited the schools so ignore me!

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