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Primary schools isle of wight

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Dentvincent Sat 10-Nov-12 19:36:58

We are planning to move over the next year to iow mainly for a calmer pace of life - but we also have an opportunity to set up a mew business. My daughters are yr 1 (aged 5) and aged almost 2 so only one would need to move school from where we live. We can be very flexible about where we live as we will work in all likelihood all over the island, but having been stung by admissions in the south east one of our big priorities is to find a school!! And ideally be reasonably close to secondary schools. We have a slight feeling of liking bembridge and st Helen's. But we haven't explored all the island towns! Any advice on general schooling ( if possible compared to mainland) and any particular schools/areas
Thank you!!

uggmum Sat 10-Nov-12 20:25:34

Isle of Wight schools have been going thru major changes in the last year or so moving away from a three tier system. Some schools have closed and they are building new ones with more capacity. It has been unsettling. There are some good schools.
My sister lives in cowes and her children go to cowes primary(which has an outstanding ofsted) and the high school.
Secondary education has been really poor in some areas with hugely disappointing gcse results this year. There have been some articles in the county press
Bembridge is lovely but I like cowes due to its transport links and great high street. It has a good community feel, nice coffee shops. Gurnard is lovely and is within walking distance to cowes and cheaper than bembridge for property. Really nice play area right by the sea.

cakesaregood Sat 10-Nov-12 21:05:41

Have pm'd you.

Dentvincent Sat 10-Nov-12 21:24:52

I'd heard about the school changes - I'm hopeful things will have settled by the time secondary affects us. I've always been a bit worried that cowes might be a bit 'yachty' but obviously the transport links are great! Thanks for the paper links.

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