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Private prep schools in Greenwich/ blackheath

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saschamiles Wed 07-Nov-12 23:48:01

ok I know I've left it late (I discovered) but I'd better crack on and get my 3 month old daughter on some sort of waiting list for nursery/school. Has Anyone any recent experience of schools in our area? Or in the same boat?


PQ77 Thu 08-Nov-12 12:10:41

Colfes in Lee takes children on a first come first served basis so that's the one to rush putting her name down.

Blackheath High and blackheath Prep are oversubscribed and do an admission assessment so while you need to put her name down it will come down to how she does in the assessment when she's 2.5 or so.

Pointers, heath house and st dunstans do admission on the basis of a chat with parents but you will be fine timing wise.

I have my views about the schools (i have visited all those named above!) but I think it's really up to you to visit them and see which ones appeal to you. With the exception of Colfes, you have a bit of time to shop around.

saschamiles Fri 09-Nov-12 21:23:35

Dear PQ77, thank you so much - that has really distilled things for me. thank you.

if you have any views on the schools I'd love to hear them. I promise I'll do my own homework too!!!

Many thanks again

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