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PTA or Psa... Aims and objectives??

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Chippychop Wed 07-Nov-12 23:31:23

What is your school raising money for? Do you set an annual target or do you save for something big that may take 2 yrs or longer? Where do you host your meetings and how much say does you HT have? Any other useful titbits?

redskyatnight Thu 08-Nov-12 09:47:24

DD is at an infants school. We have fundraised for larger items e.g. play trail outside, but didn't set annual targets - just had a "we've raised this much, now we need this much more" sort of meter up at school.

As well as fundraising for larger items we also subsidise school trips and give each year group a yearly pot of money to buy ad-hoc items to support the curiculum. The teachers also give us a wish list of smaller items - recently we've bought digital cameras and toys for use at wet play times.

The head teacher attends meetings and presents the school wish list. Generally the PTA accepts the school priorities, however it's obviously not always possible to buy everything that is wanted1

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