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private prep schools in Harrow/Pinner

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tubmum Wed 07-Nov-12 23:24:25

Hello , would appreciate some advice on choosing a good private/preparatory school for DS in Harrow/Pinner area. We are looking to move there early next year, so do not know much about that part of town at the moment, but reckon have to get all my registrations done by now(which is really the latest latest) and am struggling to assimilate all the info using Google on all the prep schools in the area.
Any advice/tips anyone can offer would be most appreciated. Have registered at Orley farm at Northwood prep, but am a little clueless about rep etc. to be honest.

tinytalker Thu 08-Nov-12 20:50:07

There are lots in the area:
Buckingham College, Reddiford, Quainton Hall, Alpha Prep, St John's, Innellan House, Orley Farm, Roxeth Mead.
Can't help with reputations I'm afraid.

tubmum Fri 09-Nov-12 20:34:08

Thanks, even a listing of schools really helps. Appreciate it!hoping for some more tips from mums in the know.

oneexhaustedmum Sun 11-Nov-12 20:46:36

Hi tubmum! My son has started in Buckingham College Prep and he absolutely loves it. The school is small and there is a really strong community feel to it. My son looks forward to going every morning and I am so relieved. The academic standards are also very good and most importantly the staff are very approachable including the headmaster! I had registered my son at a number of prep schools and we went for the one that we felt would suit him the best. You may want to check out the website.

Hope that helps!

stikmatix Mon 12-Nov-12 08:33:36

Hi tubmum,

Sorry to reply late, been trying to find the time to write you a decent reply.

Firstly, how old is your DS and when are you applying for? I'm assuming Sept 2013 and either Nursery or Reception?

There are a couple of important questions you need to consider - firstly, do you prefer co-ed or single sex? I guess this is just personal preference and it's probably too young to tell which would suit your DS best.

Secondly, do you want a school that goes up to the end of Year 6 and prepares children for 11+ entry to private and state schools, or do you want one that goes up to the end of Year 8 and therefore prepares for Common Entrance?

The big point is that the prep schools that prepare CE will tie you into a contract that will not let you sit you child for local private schools at 11+. You would only be able to try for state schools or very much out of area private schools at that point, and the school will not be preparing the children for 11+.

So in Northwood you have:
St John's
St Martin's
Northwood Prep
which all prepare CE. I know a lot of people with sons at all these schools, so have a fair amount of info on them.

In Pinner you have Reddiford and Buckingham College Prep. These both go up to 11 and are a lot smaller. We have our DS in Reddiford, he joined in Year 1 (we came back from living abroad). We have been happy with the school and DS is happy there. It is co-ed and suits him as he is not a sporty/boisterous type (not that he's particularly academic either). He gets on well with the boys and the girls and has made nice friends. Acdemic standards are high. I can tell you a lot more if you like!

I hear very nice things about BCP too!

Harrow schools I know less about - there's Orley Farm, Alhpa Prep and Quainton Hall. We have quite a few kids at Reddiford who have transferred over from Quainton - I don't know why the parents were unhappy with it. I can get more info if you like. Orley is supposed to be quite sporty - can anyone confirm?

Don't rule out pre-preps either - The Hall in Northwood is very small but lovely with amazing academic standards. I don't know Roxeth Mead at all. Innellan House closed down a while back.

Also, do you have any other children? If for example you have a girl as well, it might affect which schools you apply to (you might want to apply to co-ed, or apply to a school close to other girls' schools).

I hope I have helped a little, feel free to ask any other questions you like!

BlissfullyIgnorant Sat 05-Jan-13 22:20:48

Hi Tubmum,
Still listening? Had 2 at Orley so know a little...
I can confirm it is more sporty now than in years gone by. Not sure entirely why, but they are exceptionally keen on scholarship stats so that could be a major reason. They used to be much more academic - not so much these days.
How are your plans?

rahilq Wed 29-Oct-14 00:11:17

Hi. Although an old thread but my query is similar hence thought I'd start by posting a message on the same thread.

We're planning to move to the North/North West of London. We're looking at areas such as Harrow, Pinner, Northwood to move into so are looking at a coed independent school around this area. We've been to see Quainton Hall but don't know anything about it - good/bad/average. We've also heard of Orley Farm, Alpha Prep, and St Helens but again know nothing more about them. Could someone please let us know if there are other coed schools that anyone would recommend? We're looking for admission for next year 2015 for my DS in Year 2 and DD in Nursery. We'd like a school that focuses on academics but at the same time has an emphasis on sports (esp football for my DS) and overall development. Will appreciate any help.
Thank you

mumteacher Thu 30-Oct-14 00:06:59

Assuming you mean St. Helens in Northwood I'm sure this is a girls svhool not coed.

Orley farm is a sporty school.

rahilq Sun 02-Nov-14 22:39:58

Thanks mumteacher
Isn't there a St Helens College in Hillingdon which is coed? Yeah few people have mentioned Orley Farm is sporty. What about Quainton Hall? Is that more academically inclined or sporty as well?

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