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year 2 literacy

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raa12 Wed 07-Nov-12 17:08:18

hello all,
my ds is in year 2, and recently i came to know she is not doing very well in class. I do work with her almost every day. Please let me know what do they do in literacy in year 2. Give me some ideas to improve her literacy. Thanks

crazygracieuk Wed 07-Nov-12 18:34:18

You need to be a bit more specific. Do you mean writing? Guided reading? Spelling? Phonics? Comprehension?
What book band is she on for reading?

raa12 Wed 07-Nov-12 21:46:59

thanks for your reply. She is on orange book band, which I think is OK. My main concern is comprehension. She hardly writes four to five sentences when writing a story. I heard some of her class mates can write a story covering a full A4 sized page.

Ladyemem Wed 07-Nov-12 22:40:28

She needs to be using lots of desciptive writing, adjectives, connectives. Make sure she also uses capital letters and full stops.II would continue to help her with her reading every day. She should be reading at least 10 minutes a day. As her reading progresses so will her writing. My daughter is in year 3 and they do what is called "accelerator reader" ask your school if they do it. Our school start it in year 3. The child reads the book at home and at school they take a short test of 5 or 10 questions about the book to make sure they undersand fully what they have read. When they pass about 3 books (4 out of 5 or 9 out of 10) they move up a level. It fab and has really help my daughter. She is now a free reader and loves writing too.
I used to keep a scrap book of writing at home. and ask the kids to write me a funny or scary/adventure story. It only needs to be half a page. Maybe she could write in it once a week.

Ladyemem Wed 07-Nov-12 22:41:09

sorry about the spelling mistakes lol

FamiliesShareGerms Wed 07-Nov-12 22:44:27

DS is nearly on free reading, but hates writing, so his written work is always the least he can get away with. He knows what a time connective is, for example, but would only write one if specifically asked. We do some extra writing practice at home to try to improve his speed and skill

I know some people don't like them, but we've found the various work books in WH Smith etc very good for this

Ladyemem Wed 07-Nov-12 22:45:29

on average she should be acheiving level 2b by end of year 2. Ask the teacher if is she is working towards that. If you speak to the teacher they will tell you what you can do to help. Dont wait for parents evening.

PastSellByDate Thu 08-Nov-12 01:38:09

Hi raa12:

I found this for Staffordshire County (not my own county by the way) but helpful to explain typical book banding in schools: and from Usborne publishers here Obviously hard to know if this is the system followed by your school - but it's likely to be the case. If so orange band is working to 1a which at the start of Y2 is pretty typical - so first thing you should be thinking is that your DD is doing o.k., but you need to be keeping up practice with reading. If your school follows this system you DD only needs to improve 2 sub-levels to achieve the target NC Level 2b for KS1 SATs end of Y2.

Since you think comprehension may be the weakness - try to really discuss your DD's school story books through with her. Maybe even part-way through reading a book for the first time, discuss what she thinks might happen next. Once it's finished - discuss alternative endings or what she things might happen next. Talk about what she likes/ dislikes about books - the language, the photographs, the illustrations, the new things she learned (non-fiction), the new words she likes, etc.... Make a point of checking she understands the meaning of words - both my girls were slow to ask what something meant, and tended to just guess meaning, often incorrectly; so when you come across a new tricky word, just double check the understand what it means.

Both of my DDs have a lot of difficulty writing and often complain their hands hurt. In part this is complicated by the fact that there is so little written work (as homework or in school) - so much is done on computers now that I don't think they're getting as much practice as I did 'in the day'.

So I've learned over the years (DD1 in Y5/ DD2 in Y3) to be sneaky and get them to send letters, cards or post cards whenever possible.

Trips/ days out - have them send a postcard to friends/ relatives or even a teacher.

Invitations - if you are having a party (whatever the occasion) - have your DD write the invitations.

Thank you cards - thank you notes for any gifts are a huge hit - especially with Aunties/ Uncles or Grandparents.

Letter to Father Christmas

Write letters to competitions in magazines/ children's books rather than e-mailing entry.

Write letters to favourite authors (via publisher)/ favourite tv show/ actor.

Have them write out shopping lists or to do lists.

Encourage them to keep a diary - for writing stories, writing about a bad day, writing about a good/ great day, making up songs, drawing pictures, etc... all good practice.

If you have a reading diary for the school - encourage your DD to write (even a sentence or two is fine at first) about what they're reading. Did they like a particular character or the story. Did they like the illustrations. Is this a favourite author - if so, why? Why they didn't like a book? etc....

If they have weekly spelling lists - don't just let them stop at copying out the word 3 time - have them write sentences. No point making them write a sentence for each word - can seem too much to a child. But encourage them to devise sentences using as many spelling words as possible - the only rule is that the sentence has to make sense and the words can't be changed to work (i.e. can't change their to theirs, etc...).

I did find for both girls that Y2 started that shift to 'joined up' or cursive writing - which can be quite tricky. There are handwriting workbooks out there for practice with joined up writing (try amazon or good bookshops/ newsagents).

There also are some free handwriting worksheet websites out there - which also can be useful - for example - you just chose the style you want for the word to copy or can print them out blank.


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