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Best Educational Ipad Games Apps for yr 5 & Upwards ??

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rockinhippy Mon 05-Nov-12 09:29:34

I'm not really sure where to ask this, so hope here is okay…

I treat myself to a shiny new Ipad, which DD is loving playing games on when she's allowed to get her hands on it. I've noticed theres quite a few educational games available & would rather she played those on it, which she is more than happy with, but most aren't free trials, so I realise I have no idea which ones are any good, or are suitable for a bright, education hungry 10 yr old, & naturally don't want to waste my money on buying duff or too old/young ones.

Can anyone recommend the best educational games for 10/11/12 & above please

TIA smile

rockinhippy Mon 05-Nov-12 09:35:27

thats 10/11/12 year olds & above smile

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