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Good prep school (from nursery+) that feeds to Habs

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meena2014 Mon 06-Jan-14 09:57:44

had the worst experience with Aldenham prep!!
i would not recommend that school.
My son cried on the assesment day and all we were told is that he would not manage it and the person in charge just walked away! leaving us outside the classroom.
My son was not even 4 then and to think that they would not even think to consider how daunting it is for a little boy to come to a strange place!!
We never heard from the school at all.
That experience totally put me off with that attitude they had. Just shows how much they would have taken care of him if he needed any.

mamarun Sun 09-Dec-12 23:34:26

Hi not sure if you still need this info but for girls school in stanmore, living in Bushey would be ideal as you cold also easily get to Northwood area (lots of prep schools for boys that could feed into Habs). I do the commute to northwood for ds and dd is at stanmore.

edoli Mon 05-Nov-12 13:38:53

I just sent you a PM about Aldwickbury but think it might be too far away for you, depending on where you end up. That said, if you come to the St Albans/Harpenden area there are plenty of good schools.

If the school you are referring to in Stanmore if NLCS, then Aldwickbury is really too far away. Also there are quite a lot of mixed views about that school, it's very high pressure from what I hear from friend with a daughter there.

moonbells Mon 05-Nov-12 12:30:45

Northwood property prices are insane. I just work there!

All three Northwood boys preps (Northwood Prep, St Martin's and St John's) have a good reputation for getting them in Habs at 13+/CE. St John's is much nearer Pinner than the other two and up near Northwood Hills there are also more reasonable houses. St John's are linked with Merchant Taylors though that doesn't mean your son has to go there.

Pinner is a good compromise. There's also Hatch End, but it's more commuterville because of the main line into Euston. It always blocks up because of the traffic, so I'd try and get somewhere on the Stanmore side if you hate queuing, or somewhere you don't need to use the A410 for! Don't forget Bushey! Lots of schools there, too, and you can use the A4140 to get to Stanmore and the A41 to Elstree for Habs/Aldenham. Lots of little villagey shops and main road link to Watford if you need anything big.

There are quite a lot of Stanmore mums in my son's class who drive to Northwood with them daily, so there's always the chance of car shares. Good luck!

timewastingonhere Sun 04-Nov-12 19:27:33

timewastingonhere Sun 04-Nov-12 18:36:40

Chorleywood is a lovely area, so is the village of Sarrat and a small hamlet called louderwater - they are near York House School, which is 3-13 as well as drivable for quite a few other prep schools, can't remember your exact request without coming of my post - but Berkhamstead is a lovely area and lots of prep schools in the area - you could ask the school (presumably all girls) where your daughter has a place where siblings/brothers go -

The good schools guide is a good read as well -

Kungfumama Sun 04-Nov-12 04:47:54

Thanks for the suggestion tinytalker. We will surely drive around Pinner, the property price seems more affordable than Northwood in general! Thanks again

tinytalker Sat 03-Nov-12 23:19:43

Have you looked at Pinner? Lovely villagey feel with lots of young families and access to very good schools state and private, single sex and mixed. Also Harrow on the Hill? Orley Farm.

Kungfumama Sat 03-Nov-12 16:55:33

We are relocating to the U.K. from overseas. We are flying to London in 2 weeks to spend 5 days trying to buy a home, visit some more schools for a nursery/reception space, and other logistics (!!) I need to decide which schools to visit and which property agency to liaise with in advance since we only have a few days! So some suggestion please!

Appreciate any good advice, suggestions on good prep schools near Stanmore or Habs I should be looking at. I am thinking of Aldenham, Edge Gove (?), what else? (I have already ruled out Manor Lodge and Radlett Prep)

Hopefully the nursery/reception education will help gain a place at Habs G.1, and if not, a school that we should feel confident and happy with until my son can gain a space at other point of entry. My another child will be starting at a girls' school in Stanmore. So to survive the school run, we are leaning on Habs as a school for the "long run". Any help appreciated.

Additionally, where would be a good place to stay near Stanmore or Habs, we want somewhere not too build up, safe, village type of place with parks and with access to rail services into the City for work. Thanks in advance fellow parents!

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