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Budj Fri 02-Nov-12 23:01:53

My 3 year old has assessments for the hall, Arnold house, Northbridge house, Devonshire house, mulberry house next year. Does anyone know what they will ask the children?

emanuela Sat 03-Nov-12 12:20:36

Hi, all of the schools you mention are very easy to get into. They do some puzzles, need to recognise their names, and a few shape (say, put a dot in the circle, so nothing out of the ordinary). The assessment at The Hall is more demanding, I don't know exactly what they ask but two boys I know who got in are very self confident and were able to read short stories .

Good luck!

Ps if you have a really bright child and you aim to get him into St. Paul's /Westminster, the hall is for you. Otherwise, north bridge is fine. Avoid Devonshire house and mulberry house, in my view. I don't really know Arnold house.

Budj Sun 04-Nov-12 20:29:54

Thank you for replying - def given me more of an idea of what's expected of him. I know what you mean about the hall, when we went to see it, it seemed quiet intense...
What's surprising me is how many mums at my son's nursery Have organised private tuition for their 3 year olds! I dont't want to go down this path - but apparently their is a certain tutor in north west London who can practically guarantee that if she tutors a child they will get into their chosen school! At £40 an hour I would hope so!

emanuela Mon 05-Nov-12 12:04:37

Many people prepare for the 3+ exam. I didn't do it but the famous tutor you are referring to has a great track record. She charges £80 per hour (£40 if there is more than one child). I will probably see her before the 7+ for my son. My friend brought her son there and he got into the hall (he will start in Year 1 next year). Maybe a coincidence...

hampsteadmum Mon 05-Nov-12 15:45:12

Hi there. My son passed the Hall 5+ assessment this year so he'll be going there next year. From what I gleaned things checked are: ability to concentate and follow instructions (teachability is the no.1 trait schools are after; so ability to conentrate and follow instructions cannot be overemphasised); responding to questions on a story read; phonics, letter recognition (e.g. they show them a word and they tell the teacher the letters), patterns/sequences, draw a picture; know their address, be able to talk about their mum, dad, family, rhyming; odd one out; simple IQ stuff. My son is confident and could read at the time of the assessmetn but I am not sure they asked him to read. I am not quite sure if they asked him to write his name either. They probbaly did, so you may want to practice that. They do a number of activites with a number of teachers (4 I think it was) on a 1:1 basis. The assessment lasts about 40-45 mins, so I guess they spent about 10 or so mins with each teacher on each set of activities. They have a drink and biscuit half way through and this is what my son remembered in the main. Plus the knight toys.

The Arnold House one is a 20 mins affair and usually siblings, alumni kids, kids with connections to the school get priority. Puzzles, Q&A on a story is what he recalled.

Devonshire again is a 20-30 mins affair. Not that rigorous (although my son did not try it). I would not avoid it. Check out the destination schools and you can decide on the basis of which senior school you are after. That said, quite a few of the Devonshire boys leave at 7+ for UCS, Highgate, Westminster etc.

Arnold House and Devonshrie House have very similar exit results for boys, (and similar intake).

Mulberry House is one to go to if you are after a 7+ transition. They prep the boys for 7+ entry at UCS and Highgate in the main (but not only). I would be surprised if they have 4+ opening but you never know. If your son is being assessed, they clearly do.

Similar to Mulberry House is Hamsptead Hill in NW3. More nurturing than Mulberry House. Excellent 7+ (and 4+/5+) results. Hope this helps.

CityGirl2012 Tue 04-Dec-12 14:25:18

Interested in the same schools and questions as budj.
Hampstead mum - that was very helpful
Can anyone share the details of that well-known tutor please? Thanks!

sh77 Tue 04-Dec-12 16:58:30

What is it that a parent can't teach a child that a rip-off merchant can?

Christina01 Mon 14-Jan-13 21:11:39

Dear Budj and Emanuela

I would really really appreciate the details of the tutor you are referring to. Please? My son has an assessment at AH next year and I really really want him to get in...please?

MSG70 Fri 31-May-13 15:31:31

Dear Budj and Emanuela, I would also really appreciate the details of the tutor you are referring to. Please PM me.....please. Many thanks

slhilly Fri 31-May-13 15:39:39

Erm, from our personal experience, the Hall's assessment was as much about the parents' interview with the Head as it was about evaluating the child - including questions on the form about what we did for a living.

To us, it had strong tones of pseudo-science and snobbery. This was reinforced by a proud description of their up-or-out policy, as applied to 7-year olds. Gah. Seemed like a great place for incubating the same kind of insecure overachievers that Westminster often creates (there are a fair few of these where I work). I know others love both these schools, but you can always ignore my judgey-pants if you don't like their cut...

Hampstead Hill has no assessment at all (and still gets excellent results).

egknight3 Wed 21-Aug-13 09:23:35

Hi Chrstina01, I am looking at taking my son for an assessment at Arnold House and the Hall the year after you. I'd also really appreciate the details of the tutor mentioned above if yu don't mind. Thanks so much.

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