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Tutoring for Maths/English

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aamia Wed 31-Oct-12 10:24:29

Just wondering about something and looking for opinions. I've done a fair bit of tutoring in the past (am on maternity leave atm). I know times are hard for all of us, and many parents at school were saying last year they'd love to get help for their DS/DD but couldn't afford it. Now tutoring is obviously paid for the time you're there - yet a good lesson structure has the teaching at the beginning, then some practice time (supported as needed) and then review at the end. Was thinking it could be made shorter (and therefore cheaper) if it was done this way - would it work?

Skype rather than at the home (so no travel), do an initial assessment (free?), then develop a work plan. In each session teach/support for say 20min, then set work. Student completes it and emails work (scanned in/typed) back. Assess based on that and plan next lesson. So rather than £20-25 per hour (depending on distance), could charge say £8 per session, which would be much cheaper and much more affordable.

This is probably a stupid idea, and you'll probably all tell me that!

trinity0097 Thu 01-Nov-12 15:31:13

I'm a Maths teacher and can't see this working for Maths to be honest, as children need constant support generally, i.e. you watching how they do something and then correcting them as they go rather than getting marked work back.

I suppose in English if it's creative writing then this would be useful.

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