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How much info about Y1?

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yellowsubmarine53 Mon 29-Oct-12 18:32:32

Just that much information about Y1 has your school given you.

We've had precisely nothing (aside from a report with NC levels but no key to understand them) which doesn't seem to be the norm.

mrz Mon 29-Oct-12 18:55:44

What would you like to know from the school?

radicalsubstitution Mon 29-Oct-12 19:09:00

We had a meeting at the beginning of term to talk about the Reception to Year 1 transition arrangements. They discussed the way literacy, numeracy and foundation subjects were taught in Year 1. They also went over the arrangements for reading books and phonics (including the check/test next spring).

We have had a curriculum information leaflet about the topic they are studying this term and how it links across the curriculum - along with suggested activities for home.

We had current and target levels at parents' evening, along with a brief report. There was no explanation of what the levels meant.

There is a maths morning scheduled for after half-term.

I'm not sure if this is normal or not. The school has an excellent head of KS1 (just my opinion).

yellowsubmarine53 Mon 29-Oct-12 19:24:26

Good question, mrz.

I would like to know what the Y1 curriculum involves, what topics the children will be doing, what children are able to do if, eg, they're awarded 1a in Maths and what how they are progressing towards. Also, how maths in particular is taught these days, purpose of number bonds etc

Just a vague idea of what education my 5 year old is receiving and information as to how I can support her at home.

What radical describes is similar to what we had in reception (including weekly parental involvement sessions after school) and there's a significant absence of information this year.

mrz Mon 29-Oct-12 19:33:40

Thanks. I'm organising some sessions for KS1 parents after half term so it's useful to get ideas what they really want to know.

yellowsubmarine53 Mon 29-Oct-12 19:39:01

So it sounds like meetings and info home are fairly standard practice, then?

mrz Mon 29-Oct-12 19:45:35

We are introducing a number of changes in KS1 so more of an issue than normal. We had a transition meeting at the end of reception where very general info was given.

Tiggles Mon 29-Oct-12 19:46:49

I had a sheet about all the topics DS2 was going to be looking at this term, or more to the point the topic they are looking at, and how that is followed in each subject from maths through to PE, which is good. It gives me a basic idea of what to ask DS2 about. Although now they are well into the term he is happily telling me about his topic.
Mrz - I found it very useful talking to his teacher the other day to see how she is teaching them numeracy. e.g. she was showing me some of their numeracy aids that helped the children visualise the numbers when taking away. Things like - is it ok for children to add up/take away using their fingers, or is that method not used any more? On a more personal level (as in talking one to one with a teacher, rather than a class talk) I find it useful to have a basic idea what is the next stage for my DS to improve/work towards. With DS1 I found it very disheartening as he has poor motor control (was having OT) and I was regularly shown work by the best people in the class and then having it compared to DSs sad I knew we would never get to that stage with all the best will in the world, but with DS2 the teacher has only ever given the next step, so I know the best way to help him at home and what I should specifically be looking out for.

GobHoblin Mon 29-Oct-12 21:09:40

We had a letter telling us of this terms topic. Thats been it. Nothing Zilch! I have no idea who the initials in the reading diary belong to, (tho apparently one of them is a lady with grey hair and lines on her face!) i have no idea at all. Have no idea of levels or expectations.
All i know is dd is happy going to school, happy coming out, and appears to be progressing well with reading. Soon be parents evening so i may find out a little more! In school i trust grin)

Carpediem2007 Mon 29-Oct-12 22:46:06

We had a meeting at the beginning of the term to present to parents the main topics this year, some of the maths targets , info about reading and how DC get a new book and what parents were expected to write in the reading notebook, as well as how spelling works (gets new list then DC write every day until test following week).

Not all info has been shared but a lot was, which helps us understand what Ds does at school and how to support him at home.

We were also each given a pack with a 100 box and suggestions how to use is, a number line and various teaching supports (how DC are meant to write letters with arrow indicating direction of pen) and lots of other stuff. All this within 30-45 minutes presentation so quite intense but very helpful and a handout telling us how to support learning in playful ways (including smarties in the 100bos and looking for bigger or smaller numbers).

Having printouts of the presentation helps loads as I would not remember half of what was said a month ago.

Fizzylemonade Wed 31-Oct-12 18:42:53

Our school gives us a year group talk for every year including year 6.

We are told roughly where your child should be now and where they should be at the end of the year.

This includes examples of below average handwriting, expected and above average.

We are told how they teach maths, school trips and topics they will cover.

For me the maths part really helps re number lines & 100 squares etc and using their fingers to count on.

I like the handwriting examples as you never know if your child writes well or not, plus it shows us stories they write, their ideas and vocabulary.

Fuzzymum1 Wed 31-Oct-12 19:11:15

We have had an information sheet with details of what they're are doing in each subject and what we can do to support them at home. At parents' evening last week we were given a sheet with suggested questions to ask when reading with them, some examples of maths activities to do and a list of the high frequency words for key stage 1.

Haberdashery Wed 31-Oct-12 22:06:16

We get a letter/sheet at the start of every half term (same format for Reception and Year 1 so far). It has sections for:

topic (usually based around a book)
other areas (eg RE, PSHE, DT, PE)

Each section has a list of 'things you can do to help', ranging from reading to/with your child to bringing boxes in for the making table to going for a walk and seeing if you can find any pine cones or other interesting items (this was topic-related).

I've found it v v useful, although tbh my child is such a chatterbox that I tend to get a blow by blow run down of every day complete with all conversations and what X said to Miss Y. We also had a meeting a week or two after the start of term to meet the teacher properly and ask her any questions we might have had. Parents evenings aren't until after half term so I won't know anything about levels or anything until then (but I haven't really felt the need for this so far as DD is still so small and seems to be doing OK - would probably feel differently if I was worried about anything I expect).

Missymoomum Fri 02-Nov-12 01:12:50

We had a curriculum guide to the first term and the school held a curriculum evening for parents of children in Yr 1 towards the start of the school year. We also get a daily email from my Ds's teacher telling us what they've done in each subject that day. We also had a talk on homework. I know that they have assessed each child's level but i have no idea what level DS is. We've just had a settling in report this week which i'm very pleased with and it's parents evening next week!

Rowgtfc72 Sat 03-Nov-12 21:21:32

We get nothing, I'm jealous. I have no idea what topics they are doing or more to the point who the random people are who open the classroom door at hometime to return DD.

Fizzylemonade Tue 06-Nov-12 07:07:03

We always get a welcome to year X leaflet towards the end if the year before they start that particular year.

It has info on about swimming or what days they do games and PE. It also has a photo of each staff member with their name underneath!

Maybe you should suggest it to the school.

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