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Those who do 2diffrent schools -how bad is it?

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mam29 Sun 28-Oct-12 11:45:15

pulled eldest out of nearby state primary

for smaller state primary extra 10-15mins away

out of catchment.

dd at preschool next to old primary mon/wed so on those days have 2school runs.

shes just missed starting primary next year as september birthday so another 2years at preschool she started september loves it dont want to move her.

youngest 19months starts primary 2015, middle dd 2014.

as schools out catchment and small 20intake no guarantee on 2younger ones getting in so could be dong 2years seperate schools for sometime.

any tips?
im guessing its getting fairly common as our city has severe shortage of primary places.

Also think sometimes school suit the individual dd wasent happy at current school so think making right choice but know will get u nutter when they go back after half term

prettydaisies Sun 28-Oct-12 11:54:35

When mine were in Y1, Y5 and Y6 they were all at separate schools! However, I have always worked full time so used before and after school clubs a lot. My husband could sometimes drop off.
The hardest time was always round christmas when there were numerous plays, carol concerts parties etc which we could go to as well.

Have you looked at the admissions criteria for the new school? Siblings might be a higher priority than distance.

redskyatnight Sun 28-Oct-12 12:08:10

My 2 are at separate unconnected infants and junior schools. Although it's just about possible to get between both schools at start and finish times (and many parents do) it's a bit of a scramble. I share drop offs/pickups with neighbours which really helps.

The pain is having to do double everything - e.g. 2 lots of parents evenings on different days is way more hassle than 1 parents evening for 2 children in different classes. Also you can have issues with things clashing e.g. DD and DS both had their class assemblies on the same day. If one child as an after school club it can be a pain to juggle. I've had occassions when both have had clubs on the same night but with times that made it impossible to get between the schools, so you have to think about catering for eventualities like this.

mam29 Sun 28-Oct-12 12:29:04

Thanks guys whilst the younger 2 will be at preschool it will just be 2/5days a week doing 2diffrent schools.

I guess hubbys worrying about future.

trying to work out where we stand in regards to younger 2 and not sure will ring lea some siblings out catchment get in but no guarantee.

basically the lea is split into several diffrent maps

some have whats called areas prime resposability-what you would call catchment.

Our area has choice of 7schools within out area map with no area of prime resposability. so those on our new build estate who applied one of best performing infants literally a 10min walk dident get it, its community so was based on distance and siblings.

A lot of kids on our estate do travel out of catchment to nearby village schools so quite common.

the school we moving to does have a catchment.its on the border of another lea. im wondering if people in other lea but closer will get in before us I assume so. It says local sibling is classed as less than 2miles straight line when i google says we 1.2miles from school and will have older sibling there in 2014 and 2015.

But dds freind goes to another very well performing infant school on lea borders and people i know who lived in diffrent county dident get precedent even if they were few streets over from school so unsure.
Bu there area has no prime area so slightly diffrent comparision.

The school we moving too has good ofsted and good sats so depends on birthrates i guess think dd 2009 was busy year.

me and hubby going to share picksups and drop offs as he does shifts and can have weekdays off. will need to use afterschool club and brekkie club too some days.same lea so bar insets same terms times.

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