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Sorry to gatecrash but I need your help!

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surreyagain Fri 26-Oct-12 22:29:00

Hi there,

I apologise - this hasn't anything to do with education although I have been on these boards several times deciding where to move to! We are moving to Farnham next weekend and can not find any short-term accommodation whatsoever! I have 3 very young children and am trying not to panic. I have spent hours trawling google etc.

Does anyone live in Farnham and can suggest other routes or people I might contact? Alternatively, which surrounding areas should I turn to if I am not going to have any success with Farnham for short-term accommodation. I will not be driving straight away so somewhere with easy transport access into Farnham to search for houses would be a godsend.

Again, apologies for gatecrashing. But all the help I ever receive is on this forum : ))

Ughfootballseason Fri 26-Oct-12 22:36:28

Have you tried calling estate agents and asking if any of their landlords will accept a short term let? If there is something sitting empty I'm sure they would accept. Probably at a premium.

Look for properties available immediately, call the ea and make the offer. They're obliged to pass it on to the ll so can't fob you off with a straight no.

Aldershot is cheaper and will have direct buses and there are buses from Guildford too.

Good luck!

surreyagain Sat 27-Oct-12 12:46:37

Anyone : )

crazygracieuk Sun 28-Oct-12 10:00:25

When we returned to the UK from abroad 4-5 years ago we rented short term accommodation in Woking. The rent for a 3 bed flat was something crazy like 700 quid a week. This was paid by dh's company but it struck me that it was not far off from the monthly rent of a flat or staying in a Travelodge or similar. We stayed there for 2 weeks.
Can't comment on Farnham but I would approach a local agent and see if anyone with an empty house would go for it. You'd think that in these times, you'd get a offer of a place.

fatfloosie Mon 29-Oct-12 11:11:12

Have you looked at holiday lets? eg

If someone has no bookings for the winter they might do you a good deal for a longer term let. No good if you want to unpack all your stuff though!

mummytime Mon 29-Oct-12 11:27:26

I just found two houses instantly on google, I assume you only want it for a couple of months or so? This is a family house.

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