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DS in Reception punched in the eye in class yesterday.

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Rollergirl1 Thu 25-Oct-12 10:05:39

When I picked DS up from school yesterday he had a swollen puffy eye and a big scratch underneath that had drawn blood. He wasn't crying when he came out of the classroom but I think that was because he was distracted as he had been given the secret box to bring home (the Reception class equivalent to Show and Tell). I have to admit that I didn't get a proper look at his face until we were on our way back to the car but as soon as I saw him full-on it was obvious. I asked him what happened and he said Boy X had punched him. I asked him if it was an accident and he said that it was on purpose. There have already been at least 4 incidents of this boy biting, hitting and scratching.

So I took him back to school to speak to the teacher as they hadn't said anything to me upon pick-up. The teacher and the TA seemed surprised and said that they hadn't seen it. Upon further questioning it seems that it happened during tidy-up time (so possibly nearing the end of the day) and the boy in question got angry because he couldn't carry on using the duplo and he hit DS in anger, with his hand, not with the duplo. The teacher asked him where it happened and if he cried. She then told him that he had been a very good boy for telling them and that he had a very good memory but to make sure to tell the teacher straight away if it ever happens again.

Then she spoke to me and confirmed that there have been a number of incidents and they are trying to work through things. She said that she would leave a note for the teacher today (they do a job share and she isn't working today) to inform her of the situation, as obviously the boy in question has not been spoken to about this yet. I was hoping to speak to the other teacher this morning to find out what the plan of action would be but she wasn't there and a relief teacher was in her place. Apparently she will be in class this afternoon.

But anyway on our way back out of school again yesterday DS said that he did go and tell the TA straight after it happened while he was still crying but that she didn't do anything. I questioned him about this as the TA acted as if she didn't know but he was adamant that he had.

So my question is should I say anything about this to the school or not? I know there is a chance that DS might have things confused but I don't see why he would say that he'd told the TA if he hadn't. Also what should the school be doing now that this is at least the 4th incident that has occurred within one half-term?

midseasonsale Thu 25-Oct-12 11:16:30

I would mention talk to the new teacher and also add the bit about the TA. They need to know that the TA is just letting things go.

numbum Thu 25-Oct-12 11:24:06

They need to know that the TA is just letting things go. What if it's not true and he didn't tell the TA? I don't think a TA would just dismiss a crying child who had an obvious injury and then lie in front of you about it (but maybe I'm being naive)

As for the OP wanting to know the plan of action, I'm assuming you want to know what the plan of action is to deal with the child's behaviour? None of your business I'm afraid.

RosemaryandThyme Thu 25-Oct-12 11:25:51

Was the person you spoke to the TA that your child had reported to ?

If not, I'd be back in there, with child and TA chatting through what happend, not the incident itself but from when your child says he reported it.
If child is lying it will become obvious when faced with the TA, if TA is massaging the truth it will be a lot harder with the lad actually in frount of her.

Its' important you know, I have a boy who says he reports incidents to the teacher but I know from bitter experiance that he frequently doesn't, getting him to be confident enough to speak up has taken quite a while.

Likewise you need to be sure that the staff will act when a hurt child comes to them.

RosemaryandThyme Thu 25-Oct-12 11:27:40

As for a plan going forward focus on how your child can be protected and grow in confidence rather than punitive methods for the other child.

gingercat12 Thu 25-Oct-12 12:54:32

Ah, bless. I hope he is having a better day today.

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