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Parents Evening, Year 2. What questions should I ask?

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CockyPants Wed 24-Oct-12 15:05:02

I'd be grateful for advice on what information or questions I should ask. There are two issues in particular: how do I ask in a non pushy parent way why DD is in second table for English, when her NFER tests were in high 90s yet Maths score was lower in comparison and she is on top table.
Also there is a child in DDs class whose behaviour is not good and is v disruptive. The child is currently sitting on her a table by herself facing the wall....many parents in the class are moaning publicly about this girl and threatening to take child out of's becoming a witch hunt. I want the child's poor behaviour dealt with, but the whole situation is in danger of becoming explosive. HT knows what is going on, parents have complained etc, but says these matters take time to sort. How can I raise the matter with the class teacher without joining the witch hunt?
Adding to the joy , new teacher covering maternity leave from half term onwards will be taking parents eve, she barely knows DD and the class!
Many thanks.

DeWe Wed 24-Oct-12 15:21:48

Basically what it means is that there are 6 (or whatever number on the top table) pupils that are better in literacy, and she's in the top 6 (or whatever) in maths. Doesn't say anything about their ability overall.

It could be a particularly good year for literacy, or a particularly poor one for maths. The form could be a good one overall, or a poor one overall. Nothing about your dd at all.

Unless there's an issue directly effecting your dd, an incident where your dd is involved, then I wouldn't mention it. If, as you say, the HT knows what is going on, you adding to the moans is only you joining in the witchhunt. They can't tall you anything they're doing to help her anyway as that would be breaking confidentiality.

seeker Wed 24-Oct-12 15:25:37

Bear in mind also that if you only have your dd's word for what table she's on for what, she might well be wrong!

Elibean Wed 24-Oct-12 15:33:05

Re disruptive child: if there is a specific issue affecting your dd, then I would bring that up and focus on how you can work together to support your dd - don't focus on the other child at all.

And if the teacher is approachable and nice, like most of the Y2 teachers I've met, I would just ask the first question as it is - including the 'gosh I don't want to sound like or be a pushy parent, but I'm a bit confused by the situation' bit smile

redskyatnight Wed 24-Oct-12 16:35:50

I don't think you can ask about the tables without the teacher making some comment along the lines of DD being on the correct table for ability. It is possible that she will say that the tables are not ability based or that 2 tables are of equal ability. But as DeWe says, what table the child is on relates only to the ability of her peers - not your child!!

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