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Nearly half term and still no IEP!!!

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Eveiebaby Tue 23-Oct-12 19:33:00

DD 6 years old has a statement of educational needs and has done so since nursery school. Since beginning nursery school she has always had an IEP which has been reviewed every term with no problems - the teachers in the past have been very pro-active about arranging meetings with me.

However, DD started Y2 in September but there is still no sign of her IEP. I asked DD's teacher a couple of weeks ago about it and she said she would give me a copy but she hasn't so I am really beginning to doubt that it exists.

I'm beginning to get a bit cheesed off about the whole thing as I would obviously like to know what DD's target are - I think my next step is to ask the SENCO? Am I being unreasonable?

RedBlanket Tue 23-Oct-12 19:40:27

My DS has had one every year since reception (yr4) they hand them out at parents evening which is usually a week after half term. I know that he has been doing extra work to support him with the TA (I asked her when I saw her is Asda!), so I'm not too worried at this stage.

He doesn't have a statement though.

Eveiebaby Tue 23-Oct-12 19:55:17

Thanks RedBlanket - the thing is the past three years DD's teachers have all met with me two weeks into term and shown and asked me to sign her IEP with a review then every term.

DD does have a 1:1 who I talk with but that is mainly about social development. (your comment about TA in Asda made me laugh).

I just get the feeling her teacher this year has no interest in her. I guess we have just been really really fortunate over the past few years to have teachers that have appeared interested!

RedBlanket Tue 23-Oct-12 20:06:51

blush at Asda, In my defence she has been TA since reception so I know her a little bit, and he ran up to her I talk to her!

Ive just remembered that He also has his targets in his home diary as well. Can you make an appointment to see her? Better than snatching time on school drop off and pick up.

Nottigermum Tue 23-Oct-12 21:02:01

yes iep the week after half term for DS. But the Senco did tell me that his last IEP back towards the end of last academic year would cover for the beginning of the year and made sure that if I needed to speak to them beforehand I could set up a meeting.

Eveiebaby Tue 23-Oct-12 21:26:26

Yes - I have an appointment to see her teacher. Maybe timescales have changed it's just that early last summer term DD had her termly IEP targets set and I went back the last week of summer term to discuss with her then teacher so as far as I was concerned the previous targets were all completed hence I was expecting a new IEP a couple of weeks into the new school year.
I'm sure her teacher will have an explanation when I ask!

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