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How religious is Westminister Under School?

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Rose1Thornton Sun 21-Oct-12 20:32:38

I am aware that WUS is a Christian school and that pupils attend church at least once a week but how much emphasis is put into religion? Do children of other faiths attend? Like Muslims and Jews or is it strictly for those of the Christian faith? I did not get a real answer at the open morning and so I hope to get a straight forward answer here. The reason I am asking this questions is because recently my family and I moved from the United States where my son, who is now six used to attend Montgomery Catholic Prepatory School, and although a great school, I feel that it has ostracised my son from essentially the real world, I would like for him to have more of an interaction with people from different walks of life and so in your opinion do you think that WUS would truly give him that opportunity?

cumbrialass Sun 21-Oct-12 20:37:32

Any school charging over £5000 per term will tend to insulate you from the "real world"! grin

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