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NLCS Junior school parents

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Kungfumama Sat 20-Oct-12 07:10:12

We are trying to sort out uniforms for NLCS.

1 - Would like to know if the PTA or school organize any resell of second hand good condition uniform? Save the environment and kind to the wallet :-)

2 - This is what I copy & paste from John Lewis web page. Can some current junior school parents let me know what do I need to buy (winter uniform) and roughly how many items?

Brown tunic (WINTER x 1?)
Brown trews (WINTER x 1?) - when can girls wear this trousers? when it's below certain temperature?
Blue long sleeve blouse (WINTER x 3?)
Blue short sleeve blouse (summer?)
Blue roll neck top (WINTER x 2?)
Brown sweatshirt (WINTER x 1?)
Brown scarf (do I need this?)
Brown raincoat (ALL WEATHER x 1?)
Brown tights (I can get it from any shop? x 3?)
Brown knee high socks (can I get this from any shop? x 4)
Blue paint smock (do I need this?)
Brown junior rucksack (ALL WEATHER)
Brown purse belt (do I need this?)
Brown sling purse (do I need this?)

SPORTS (how many times for sports or swimming a week?)
Blue polo shirt (x 2?)
Blue sweatshirt (x1)
Brown jogging bottoms (x1)
Black leotard (what is this for? do I need this?)
Navy shorts (x 2?)
Black cycling shorts (x 1?)
Blue/Yellow swimsuit (x1)
Red, Green, Blue or White swim cap (Yellow only when passed swimming test)
Beige shoe bag (we already have other similar ones, do we need to get one?)
Blue swim bag (we already have many string bags different colours, do we need to buy another one?)


horsemadmom Sat 20-Oct-12 08:37:51

Yes! Good as New uniform sale happens a few times a year. If you contact the junior school, they'll let you know. If you've missed it, contact the Parents' Guild Vice Chair and they will happily open the cupboard for you. I presume that you are taking an occassional place? Anything you haven't found the the cupboard and items that you would want new (swimsuit, custom printed games bag, socks and tights) can be bought from JL or Pullens.

Kungfumama Sun 21-Oct-12 17:53:18

Thanks do much for the practical advice! Good to hear about "recycling" / reselling uniforms it's just kinder to the environment. Yes be taking an occasional space. We are looking forward to joining the community. Be in touch with the relevant parties to have things sorted. Thanks again!

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