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Reading in Reception

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Goodbyetonsils Fri 19-Oct-12 22:56:01

I fill in my ds' reading record book once everyday/every other day and so far there is only 1 entry from school- and I have no idea who the lady who signed this comment is- not teacher or TA so I'm assuming parent (although were told no spaces to go in and help). My main concern is the single entry, should they be reading more frequently with ds? Are they simply not recording it?

pigleychez Fri 19-Oct-12 23:04:09

Same here. DD chooses a book every morning and reads this with me at home. I write in the reading record everyday as requested but sometimes wonder why I bother. Once in 6 weeks has DD done any reading with the teacher and then the teacher read to her. DD is a confident reader and I have mentioned this in the book but it looks like its not been read (or ignored!)

RueDeWakening Fri 19-Oct-12 23:13:29

DD (now y1) regularly read to the teacher/TA/a parent in Reception - she'd tell us all about it on the walk home. Not once was it recorded in her home/school contact hmm book. The TA did initial it every day to indicate that it had been looked at, though. And on the single occasion that I forgot to record what she'd read at home, I got a snotty comment about home readers being important for reinforcing what they were doing in class.

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Fri 19-Oct-12 23:16:31

In reception (last year) ds1 read in class every day and had a new book most days.

You should have a word with the teacher and ask if she reads in school and its just not recorded.

Not sure if it differs school to school, but they may well be doing group reading which is something else ds1 did last year.

Speak to the teacher.

Goodbyetonsils Fri 19-Oct-12 23:19:07

At his parents evening they did say ds avoids any kin of "formal" learning and were very relaxed saying not to force it so I wonder if they are avoiding reading confused

RueDe that's what I was wondering- although no initials and ds never tells me anything about his day hmm

GoldenPeppermintCreams Sat 20-Oct-12 08:07:56

The TA initials the reading book every day to show that it's been looked at. He reads to the teacher about once a month, because she comments, but it's only a couple of pages, and she puts him up a (school) level normally as well. Sometimes he reads to the floating TA as well. But I know he reads to someone else who he doesn't know (parent helper?) occasionally as he tells me, but it's not written in the book.

I've volunteered to be a reading parent helper, and I'm waiting for my CRB to come back, so it might be that the school hasn't sorted out their helpers yet?

Sleepwhenidie Sat 20-Oct-12 08:18:55

Not sure what is going on but re becoming a parent helper I think most schools have a policy of not having parents reading with their own child and own child's class, so even when your crb is sorted you will probably end up helping a different year group.

FWIW it sounds like your DS is reading regularly with an adult and progressing though, so I wouldn't worry too much.

Goodbyetonsils Sat 20-Oct-12 10:12:57

Yes maybe, how would I go about asking? I'm actually trying to get experience to get onto a PGCE at the moment so it would be rally helpful. I know the school I volunteer with atm, when I listen to the children read I am always told by the teacher to record it

Melmagpie Sat 20-Oct-12 10:46:19

dd is in year 1 and has never had a teacher or TA comment in her reading book. I have no idea if she reads to them or if they look at it but know they have daily guided reading. She can change her home reading book whenever she likes - in reception we did it only once or twice a week - we struggled to find time to read at home and she found it difficult. Over the summer she made a leap and we now read a new book every day. In reception she went from pink to red. This year she has already progressed from yellow to blue and is really enjoying reading, and has been put up a band without prompting from me so they obviously know what she's up to. So, I'm not sure of the point of the home school reading log, which I fill in religiously, but her progress seems good and I quite like having my own record of her progress even if they don't look at it!

noramum Sat 20-Oct-12 11:04:16

In Reception the TA would check our comment every day and if necessary the teacher would write a short answer if we wrote a concern. DD read with the teacher once a week but the book only showed the stamp "I read in my group" nothing else.

Now In Year 1 the teacher checks the book on the same day DD reads with her, again once a week but normally she doesn't comment her reading.

As we read to DD daily and she reads to us we know her level and her problems. If I am concerned I would put a note in her book bag.

auntevil Sat 20-Oct-12 12:28:25

A teacher/TA checks the book weekly at our school.
In reception, the children read several times a week (depending on activities) and it is recorded internally.
There are several reasons for this. One of them being the large number of children that do not have their reading records with them on a daily basis. This way, the school has a record of when and what was read with comment, so that when parents, or SLT ask about progression, there is always a copy of recorded reading at school.

Melmagpie Sat 20-Oct-12 12:50:22

yes apparently at our school they keep a record of who is changing their home reading book and when

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