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Could a bad ofsted lead to pressured teaching?

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mam29 Fri 19-Oct-12 18:33:25

Last term school downgraded form good to satisfactory.

Ofsted focused alot on poor attainment and diffrentiation of groups.

judging by the

amount homework this year

The amount of targets they seem to have

and fact teacher told dd she was dissapointed in her as she got work wrong today- I could maybe cope with that if poor behaviour.

DD says she never says well done, works really fast year 2rreally hard we nicknamed it bootcamp.

I know its year 2 sats/transition to junior classes.

year teacher not all that so shes got a few on low starting point.

but she seems so strict, moody and shouty.

could the ofsted mean more pressureed teachinga sthey need to braise attainment this year.

The lastest sats were not all that.,

I have spoken to head , they seem to have son many action plans, sending out letters, holding info evenings

I know some say special measures school good but is a staisaftory as unsure what help they getting its same management, teaching team, same governers,

I dont want the schools stress stressing dd out!
feels like lot of pressure for a 6year old.

beautifulgirls Fri 19-Oct-12 20:14:15

I don't know but DD#2 school downgraded from outstanding to satisfactory by Ofsted though parents at the school were shocked as generally we were all very happy with the school. Anyhow, this year the homework has increased and clearly things are different in class too. It seems reactionary to the Ofsted to me anyway.

admission Fri 19-Oct-12 20:33:15

There is no doubt that a poor Ofsted report tends to lead to changes in the way the school operates. If it is poor attainment and differentiation then the school does need to up its game.
However the key to upping their game is not to become a boot camp and end up with all the pupils frazzled but to be cleverer in how they do things. It would appear that the school has not realised this and is going for the force more in approach.
If the school was satisfactory, then they would now be considered "requiring improvement" in a new inspection. They will be inspected in the next two years under the current schedule and therefore the school does have to crack on because in reality what they do in the next 12 months will greatly influence the Ofsted inspection when it comes.

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