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Reading books in Year 1 -

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dinosaurinmybelly Fri 19-Oct-12 17:46:45

Hello, we are currently living abroad, but we are bringing our 6-year old DS back to London for an assessment with some Indie schools next month. They have asked that he bring with him his current reading book. We've been reading Horrid Henry at home together (his school haven't started on reading yet, so I can't turn to them for something). Would it be appropriate to bring Horrid Henry, or should I order him something from Oxford Reading Tree that we can work on together in the next few weeks so he is familiar. I took a look on Amazon and I think he'd be at stage 14 or so, so the Secret Garden is a possibility. I don't want to show up with Horrid Henry if it is frowned upon in the school! All advice most welcome..

Also any advice on what we can expect in terms of maths and other assessments at this time would be much appreciated. He is going to spend a full-day at some of these schools which is a bit daunting for all concerned [hmmm]

Jinsei Fri 19-Oct-12 19:18:38

No idea about the assessments but if he likes Horrid Henry, then that's what I'd take. FWIW, the Secret Garden strikes me as being much more challenging than your average HH book, but if he can read it, then fair enough.

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