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Could you level this for me?

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anyideaofthisone Fri 19-Oct-12 13:10:47

I know that it is not very popular to do this but DD is in yr2 at a non selective prep school and my 2 older children went through the state system. Her school don't give levels and say that she is doing well and in the top literacy group but as a veteran of SAT's levels it would really help me if any teachers could could give me an indication of where you would place her.

The man who learnt to spell
The man the singing man is the first man to Lern to sing.
He can do enything and everything. But the only thing he couldnt do was spell. He thought to himself I wish I could spell and his wish can true the next day the man sang his morning song verry loudly la la la la la the man sang After he tried to spell HOUSE. He went h,o,u,s,e I can spell I can spell. But the onely things he could spell was house cat dog fire and car Then he stoped and sang a spelling song he did like singing alot so he went back to sleep the next day it was poring. THE END

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