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Change in ds's SAT levels - confused

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Haystack Wed 17-Oct-12 21:27:30

I have just been to ds's parent evening, he is in yr3. Last year he started very behind in his English in both reading and writing, the teacher even spoke about him not making a 2c at the end of the year.

We put a plan together and I feel ds, the school and home worked well as a team to help him reach his potential. As a result his SAT mark for writing at the end of the year 2 was a 2b (which I felt was generous but was pleased with) and his reading/comprehension and listening/speaking were at level 3, the comprehension assessed by sitting a level 3 SAT paper and in his teacher's words 'he aced it'. This is all recorded on his end of year report including his teacher's fulsome praise for his hard work and achievements.

Jump to tonight and his new teacher is concerned enough about his writing to have referred him to the SEN for assessment and possible support and he is recorded as having acheived a 2a in reading and comprehension not a 3 - I queried this but the teacher said I must have recalled it wrong so I have checked and I didn't.

Where do we go from here? How do we know which levels are correct and how will they impact on the difficulty of work he is given in class? I am confident he was a solid level 3 in reading and comprehension, he was only ever let down by his ability to write down answers and those were fine as long as he was taking the information directly from a text. It is only independant writing he struggles with but not sure how he went from average in the summer to needing SEN support a few weeks later, not that I am not grateful for any extra support.

Does this happen a lot? Dd1 went to primary in Scotland where assessments are carried out by the teacher on a continuous basis and despite school changes they remained consistent so I am a little confused.

lljkk Thu 18-Oct-12 08:12:25

Lots of threads about this kind of thing on MN. Seems to be especially common between y2 & y3.

tiggytape Thu 18-Oct-12 08:51:12

It does seem to happen a lot. A level 2a and a level 3 aren't so far apart and there is obviously a lot of overlap.
It is perfectly possible to be awarded both / either depending on whether you use a one-off exam and take that result as the absolute truth ignoring all other sources or whether you use a series of assessments and the teacher's input to level many pieces of work one after the other. It sounds like the level 3 you refer to comes from one exam paper taken last year. This may or may not be trypical of his true level the rest of the time.

In level 2 reading, children are required to be generally accurate. For level 3 both fluency and accuracy is required. Depending on what he is asked to read (like anyone) there might be times when he is more fluent than others.
Level 2 writing requires fullstops to be correctly used some / most of the time. In level 3 it needs to be all of the time so, if on one piece of writing he missed some out but not on another, he could be judged as a level 2 for one and a level 3 for the other.
Level 2 speaking requires sometimes demonstrating confidence. Level 3 requires confidence more of the time and so on.
Going from one teacher to another and only being a few weeks in may mean that what he has showed so far is level 2a work, very close to the level 3 he demonstrated in Summer. It isn't as simple as saying a child is a definite level 3 or a definite level 2 especially when they are the boundary.

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