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key stage 1 and 2 mixed - does it work

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chazboo Wed 17-Oct-12 00:40:42

My daughter is in a mixed class of key stage 1 and 2 this year (she is key stage 2) The school assured all parents that the key stage 2 children would not be repeating a second year and would all be doing year 3 work. However, her friends who are older and moved up are doing much harder work. The curriculums are not the same. In her last report she was above average in all areas and I am worried as she keeps telling me the work is too easy. I feel she is being denied her rights to equal opportunities, am I right? The school assure me she is doing year 3 work but I don't believe them. Any ideas?

mam29 Wed 17-Oct-12 02:44:55

Am i right in thinking year group is split,

so one pure year 3class and one 2/3 class as thats how it is in current school.

Im imagine they do differntiate the work as dd pure year 2class and they differentiate ability levels.

The split is normally done on age but this year 2younger ones moved up as they were doing well.

but normally here the 2/3 class is the yougest year 3s and the oldest year 2s.

I have spoken to a teacher and she said its probably the hardest to teach as comprising 2keystages so would expect a an experinced strong teacher in that class.

Coyuld it be shes just being given different lower level of year 3work?
as found out top maths group and bottom maths group doing diffrent homework.

With literacy everyones on different reading levels and get diffrenet spellings.

but if in doubt always worth checking.

lljkk Wed 17-Oct-12 18:44:13

Our school treats yrs2-3 as "middle phase". They are put together for almost everything. I haven't perceived any problems with it.

Taffeta Wed 17-Oct-12 18:55:32

My DS ( now Y4 ) was one of only 7 Y2 in a Y2/3 split and the literacy/numeracy side was fine - the work was differentiated according to ability, as is done in every class.

What wasn't OK was missing whole topic areas that his Y2 peers in the straight class got - he has completely missed some topics. The other area I have massive issues with is the social side.

He had to attend KS2 field trips and missed KS1 ones, but went to the KS1 disco etc etc. It was fairly disastrous for his peer group friendships, as he was one of only 2 Y2 boys in the class and didn't get on with the other one.

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