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Writing AIBU

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arkboy Tue 16-Oct-12 18:49:55

On the back of SN hauling me in because my child is not concentrating in the class and "completing written tasks" AIBU when I find that he is expected at the start of Y2 to write how to put the basic circuit board together - battery, bulb etc..... Over supper he said that he didn't want to get it wrong and was told off by the teacher for not concentrating...the teacher then spoke out what he had to write (my 6yr old version)

I have been trying to 'help' him write a few sentences..The man was big etc.. and even that he struggles with. I discover that he is still not confident at writing capital letters!!? He writes beautifully, joined up etc... but does have this writer's block! We were asked to practise high frequency words - but only to read them - now I understand it would have been better to learn to write them as his reading is way ahead.

I am sooooo confused and want to help.

BTW the SN is yet to give her verdict of what the matter is. Perhaps I should tell her that it would help if my child could write 100 words well and write capital letters - before queried about lack of concentration and statemented for whatever they have up their sleeve.

Do tell me that I am completely mad etc.. and to chill - any answers would help.

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