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No verbal feedback when reading with the teacher

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wigglywoowoo Mon 15-Oct-12 22:34:35

DD is in Y1 and normally reads twice a week with the teacher or TA however DD states that they never ask her questions about the book or correct or highlight errors when she is reading. I knows she is only 6 and may not be the most reliable witness but DD comes home and tells me in detail what has happened through the day but swears that they never ask her questions or correct her in one to one reading. She knows she has made mistakes, but in her words "They let me get away with it!"

They do have guided reading where she answers questions but this is at a lower level than her reading book.

Feels almost like the one to one reading is just to tick a box for the reading record.

Other than well done at the end, she doesn't seem to get any verbal feeback. Is this normal?

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