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8yo has to start business - alone

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notimetoshop Sat 13-Oct-12 23:23:55

I almost put this on aibu but....
My Y3 is doing some entrepreneur education, to raise money for charity.
So far, fine.
But she has been given £1 and told to go away and do it.
I was 'well the school will set up little stalls for you and invite parents in' etc. But no. They are expected to go and invest the money (£1?) and bring back a return. Apart from telling us it's probably not a good idea to start selling stuff on high street and 'try and include people outside family' that's really it.
I'm thinking well I'll just have to make cakes and sell them at work - but I can't see how that's going to be v educational for her at all. What would you do?

smalltown Sat 13-Oct-12 23:27:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notimetoshop Sat 13-Oct-12 23:29:45

But where would we wash the cars? I suppose could ask the school if could use their car park. But they seem v unwilling to use premises. I think that's a brilliant idea if they would though. Cheers.

I thought of selling all the piles of junk used toys on Ebay.

Runningblue Sat 13-Oct-12 23:30:44

Make lavender bags/ orange pomanders (oranges stuck with cloves) /biscuits with £1 investment then her sell outside the house, or with your prior warning to them, sell to neighbours, relatives etc?

ProphetOfDoom Sat 13-Oct-12 23:33:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Runningblue Sat 13-Oct-12 23:33:15

If you did the car washing, couldn't you just do it with people in your street- with prior arrangement so dd is safe and happy?

bluebean Sat 13-Oct-12 23:36:26

Sounds like Tyco, maybe their site will have some ideas. Last year some 10yr olds turned their £1 in to £9,000, apparently.

smalltown Sat 13-Oct-12 23:38:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Runningblue Sat 13-Oct-12 23:38:47

Bob a job week style activities ? I don't think it sound unreasonable btw- quite good fun!

bluebean Sat 13-Oct-12 23:40:26

Sorry, it's called Micro Tyco. Hope the link's ok, on phone.

notimetoshop Sat 13-Oct-12 23:41:39

Schmaltzing - yes. My first thought, not voiced, was £1 - that's a lottery ticket.... mind, what if we won? I can imagine the righteous tones insisting we gave all £100m to school...

Runningblue - they are EXACTLY the kind of ideas the school is thinking of. and EXACTLY the kind of thing which simple if you have a quiet street with off-street parking and / or relatives nearby. But we don't.

I think I'm just going to end up ringing round the other parents and asking us all to swap money around. I think I'd be much happier if the school just organised it. They do a mother's day shop eg. Why not do an entrepreneur day shop and we all send kids in with a bit of money?


notimetoshop Sat 13-Oct-12 23:47:57

Ah, it's not micro tyco, but that looks brilliant. Cheers
Smalltown, thanks for that. This is the problem, the actual selling. How do they expect us to sell stuff when we're at work. But the honesty box idea is good - that's the kind of thing I was thinking to do at work. I'm sure some of the local shops (mind most of our high street is coffee shops / charity shops (ummm)) might go for it.
I don't think the whole entrepreneurship thing is such a bad idea - but just feel it's a bit much to do ask 7 and 8yo to do it at home ie. ask parents to do it.

Runningblue Sat 13-Oct-12 23:48:41

It sounds like they're being a bit blue sky then! Could dd ask to sell whatever she makes in school playtime for example, with your valid reason above as justification?
IMO has to be a middle ground put forward by school for kids not living in a quiet cul de sac...
Is there any where else she can do it? At a club she attends? At your work via an order form she's designed?

seeker Sat 13-Oct-12 23:52:45

" I think I'd be much happier if the school just organised it."

It would defeat the object rather!

notimetoshop Sat 13-Oct-12 23:56:21

DD pointed out to me that as children don't bring money to school there was no point selling stuff at school - which was a good point. Hence my frustration that the school isn't helping them more to do this. I think we'll have to try at my office. The ideas are great though, thanks to everyone. I think I'll have another go at the school as well about letting things go on, on school premises.

Runningblue Sat 13-Oct-12 23:59:38

Re the school, it's closeish to Christmas, could you suggest an after school bazaar for the entrepreneurship project so kids can bring money and parents can maybe come too, to buy and see all the ideas?

notimetoshop Sun 14-Oct-12 00:01:44

seeker - I don't mean the school organised the money-raising (although they are for the younger ones). I meant the school organised the ability to money raise. The examples on teh micro-tyro site, the children are working in groups. Not alone. They go and ask the local church or local business with an idea - well I assume they do this in working hours, presumably with a teacher. They are able to sell things at school, or put on a concert at school.

As it is she literally has £1 and been told to go and make money. ie. I have to make it into money.

notimetoshop Sun 14-Oct-12 00:02:40

Mind it's all good practice for the coming economic armageddon.

notimetoshop Sun 14-Oct-12 00:04:25

You know you have all been so brilliant and I'm going to use as many ideas as possible. I know I sound a bit negative but I'm tired and a bit frustrated that this project doesn't seem to have been thought through v much. Thanks so much.

amistillsexy Sun 14-Oct-12 00:05:39

Can they get together and pool resources? One pound's not going to buy many marshmallows/sticks or go half way towards a bottle of car shampoo.

ChippingInLovesAutumn Sun 14-Oct-12 00:11:37

It doesn't sound very well thought out - they're 8, there's not a chance in hell more than 1/100 will be able to do anything with £1 to increase it, by themselves.

AitchTwoOhOneTwo Sun 14-Oct-12 00:13:56

have a look at these cards... actually very pretty and i'm sure you could flog them to friends and re-invest.

Startailoforangeandgold Sun 14-Oct-12 00:14:37

Our church did this, I wasconfused at the end of the period I put the £1 back in the collection.

iheartmycat Sun 14-Oct-12 00:15:55

what about 'using' her pound to print out wee leaflets advertising car washing/dog walking/car boot sale and you give them out to friends/neighbours?

AitchTwoOhOneTwo Sun 14-Oct-12 00:19:12

oh sorry, you need to look at the link at the bottom of that page as well. but they genuinely are nice things and you could sell her a few cards at a time for her pound, before she has to re-stock from you. (i've watched the apprentice)

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